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5 Responses to STEMBRIDGE STOCK On-line

  1. TERRY DEMOTS says:

    How can you help me try to validate a TV show gun prop? It is

    WINCHESTER MOD. 1892 / WCF CAL .44
    “MARE’S LEG” S/N- 627048 / MFG 1911

  2. Colin Perkins says:

    I have a 1901 .45 colt serial number 218713 that I am told was used in some westerns and would be interested in any information on either the gun or how I would go about finding more about it

  3. Ellis Stembridge Johnson says:

    I would like to find a Stembridge prop gun for sale. Any information on who to contact would be appreciated.

  4. Please scroll down on this page for Stembridge Gun Rentals contact info.

  5. Richard Scott says:

    Hi I am trying to get paperwork for a maadi ak that was rented by stembridge and used in several movies including red dawn please contact me via email.

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