My family used to live in the State of Georgia, near Augusta. Our family consisted of David and Lorretta, Chelsea, Dylan and Ian. Our kids are grown and married, each living in a different state in the US now. Lorretta and I are working with a non profit NGO in Eastern Europe. There are Stembridges’ spread out literally all over the world, many nationalities, and colors! I’ve had contact with many, and it’s always neat to meet someone that carries my last name!

We are thinkers, and like to ask questions. We love to read and garden, and there’s always telling good stories! Truth matters.

I (David) grew up in Athens, and Winder, GA, with a short stint in Inman, SC before heading to college. My Dad used to collect Chevy Vega’s…. out of all things! Here’s a fun picture (below) of 2 of my 3 brothers, with our Vegas! My youngest brother Mike, not in his picture started out with a vega as well!

My wife Lorretta grew up in New Jersey; but moved to Ga during her teenage years. She and I met back in 1989, playing scrabble at a party! (we married 5 months later!) Much more to the story, we celebrated 26 years this past year. Lorretta is a writer and has a blog at Dancing on the Dash Please check it out!


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  1. Michelle Stembridge Thompson says:

    I just loved reading the history and genealogy of the Stembridge name. I don’t know much about my family other than my grandpa was Jack Stembridge and my dad was Jack Thomas Stembridge. I know that years ago my grandpa and his brothers owned a grocery store in San Bernadino CA called the Stembridge Brothers. I love finding other Stembridge in hopes that maybe we are family. Well, thank you again for the website

  2. Very interested to chance upon this website. I grew up knowing that the Stembridges came from Holland with William of Orange but apparently didnt go beyond Bridport where they landed. So I am interested to see the presumed dutch origin of the name Staenen brycg, but can you tell me about the origin of the coat of arms?
    Would be very happy to know more.
    Christopher Stembridge, Italy

  3. Hi again Christopher, haven’t done a lot of updating since moving to Tbilisi, but hope to start working in some updates. I appreciate your information and getting in touch!
    Thanks, David Stembridge

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