Stembridge Stock #1

Stembridge Coat of Arms Information

Stembridge Coat of Arms. Burke’s Heraldry. Pg. 960 Stembridge: (Also Stambridge) Or on a chevron azure three escallops argent. On a chief of the second a lion passant of the field. Crest: A demi-lion rampant or, holding an escallop argent. No motto. This distinguished old family was first recorded in South Wales in the census book called The Domesday Book. These were people holding land for taxes in the twelfth century. The chevron represented the rafters of the gable of the home and denoted protection. It was given in the military to show rank and honor for services in orotecting the homeland. The escallops were the symbol of a crusader to the Holy Land, and brave fighting to save the Holy Shrines from being destroyed by the Moslems. The ‘chief’ is the u-~oer third of the shield. The lion was called ‘the king of beasts’ and signified breat strength and fortitude. Colors. Or (gold) showed stainless honor and elevation of mind. Azure (blue) denoted turht and sincerity. Argent (silver) indicated purity and constancy. The leaves around the shield are simply ornamenta1 and have no particular meaning. LAURIE L. SOLOMONS Heraldic Artist ROUTE 2, Box 864 ORANGEBURG, S. C. 29115

A Special Dedication

Little could two 11 & 12 year old boys ever begin to realize in the Spring of 1948 what a profound effect it would have on the-. the rest of their lives when their Granddaddy & Grandmama told them that they needed their help to clean up around the house and chicken yard because we had “company comina’t. Those two little boys with Granddad & Grandma school and on Saturdays shoveling, raking, hoeing, slinging, patching, hauling, moving, trimming, fixing,straightening…. until they finally finished, and just in time, too. Because”company was coming”….the very next day, Sunday,May 2, 1948. That was the Sunday that the Stembridge Reunion met with us and was organized to keep getting us together annually. So we dedicate this 50th. Stembridge Reunion Commemorative Book to every Stembridge family name that is on The Memoriam. listed on pages 31 – 36 of this book since the very first one for James Durwood Stembridge and Robert Floyd Stembridge in 1950. All of us thank all of them for starting something that has brought much Joy & happiness to all of us Stembridge offspring who have met every year and kept it going for the last 50 years. And a very special thanks to that granddaddy and grandmama that we called “Mama” & “Peteree” from two little boys who they called, “Jr. Boy” & “Buddy”

Thanks For Your Contribution

We want to thank everyone who contributed to this book, those living and those still living in our hearts. To those who completed “news” cards at past reunions, those who wrote poems or skits or programs, those who participated in those skits or sang or danced or played an instrument, those who brought food or other needed items, those who made pictures and shared with the family, those who contributed money or time to help make the reunions more enjoyable for everyone, those who opened their home to us and hosted the reunions, to those who came to help just make our day better, to everyone who graced our tables, we thank you. And special thanks to Josephene H. Lee for having the foresight & desire to put into a scrapbook her memories of her reunions. To Edith S. Dykes for just being there and helping us remember these past years by keeping the Family News cards and letting us borrow them. And to Mother, Erma S. Scarborough, for the hours she spent looking up things that we thought should be in this book. And the unknown number of phone calls made to her to insure that names, dates, etc. were as correct as could be. And a very special thanks to each of you who has ever attended a Stembridge Family Reunion for you are the ones who make our reunions what they are. Thanks again, Gordon Jr. and James Scarborough

My Research Of The Stembridge Name

BY LILLIAN C. LARUE The book “SURNAMES OF THE UNITED KINGDOM” by Henry Harrison lists S-T-E-M-B-R-I-D-G-E, Stembridge, and he says to “see S-T-A-N-B-R-I-D-G-E”, Stanbridge, and that there is a Stembridge in County Glamorgan. Glamorgan is a County in southern Wales on the English Channel. He also says the name is derived from two words – stan, s-t-a-n, and brycg, b-r-y-c-g. In Old English STAN means stone and BRYCG means bridge. Two other Old English spellings for stone are stanen and staenen. Stanbridge in Bedfordshire was S-T-A-N-B-R-I-G-G-E and S-T-A-N-B-R-U-G-G-E in the Middle English period. Centuries ago when the population was relatively small people had only one name. As the population grew it became necessary to distinguish between the numerous Johns, Williams and Thomases, etc. So, John who was son of John eventually became John Johnson. Likewise William, son of William, became William Williamson. John who lived by a stone bridge became John S-t-a-n-b-r-y-c-g, then John S-t-a-n-b-r-i-d-g-e and eventually John S-t-e-m-b-r-i-d-g-e. Even today I have found the name spelled with an “a” instead of an “e”, with an “i” instead of an ”e’t, without the “d” and without the final “e”. In their book “A DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH SURNAMES” Reaney and Wilson identify a Robert Attestonebrugg in 1273. They found him in the Gloucestershire Calendar of Inquisitions. They found a Gilbert de Stanbrugg listed in 1276 in a Rotuli Hundredorm. In 1296 Walter de Stanbrugg appears on a Subsidy Roll in Sussex and in Bedfordshire a Simon Atte Stanbrugg appears in 1332 on Subsidy Rolls in Sussex. There is an Anthony Stembridge in the 1664 Hearth Tax Returns for Somersetshire. There are Stembridge place names. I will mention a few I found in a “GAZETTEER OF THE BRITISH ISLES” by the Geographical Institute, they are Stembridge, a parish in the south of Glamorgan, 4 miles from cowbridge; its size – 38 acres and a population of 11. And Stembridge a hamlet in the south of Somersetshire, 2\ miles west of Martock. Then there is Great Stambridge, a parish in Essex, 11~ miles ENE of Rockford and 3\ miles NE of Southand Station. It contains 2463 acres and has a population of 311. Little Stambridge is also a parish in Essex adjacent to Great Stambridge. Little Stambridge has an area of 606 acres and a population of 200. Stanbridge, S-T-A-N-B-R-I-D-G-E, is a village that is 3 miles east of Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. High Ham is approximately 20 miles north of Crewkerne. Just ~ mile E along Stembridge Road is Stembridge Tower Mill. According to Michelin’s “ENGLAND, THE WEST COUNTRY” the windmill of 1822, which worked until 1910, is unique in having a thatched cap at the summit of its blue lies tower.

I researched the APPRENTICE/MASTER Records at both the Society of Genealogists Library in London and the Public Record Office at Kew Gardens about a 30 minute tube ride southwest of London. Of the 48 names collected 41 were masters and 7 were apprentices. The name Nicholas appears 13 times in Chatham during the time period 1730 1762; it appears there in only one Nicholas. Williams appears 6 times, (3 in Bedfordshire, 1 in Surrey, 2 in Somersetshire) during the time period 1720-1753. Thomas appears 4 times (1 in Somersetshire, 3 in Sussex) and John appears 4 times (1 in Middlesex, 2 in Hertfordshire, and 1 in Somersetshire.) DORSETSHIRE is in the south of England, with an area of 978 sq. mi. and a population of over 361,000 in 1971. Dorchester is its county seat. Two rivers, the Stour and the Frome flow through the county. Barley, wheat, oats and beans are the primary crops. The chief industries are dairy farming, sheep grazing, quarrying, shipbuilding and tourism. King George III chose the sea off a Dorset beach to first ‘pop his royal head under water’; Charles II thought no countryside finer than the Marshwood Vale. Sir Walter Raleigh and Thomas Hardy asked to be buried in the county (apart from Hardy’s heart both were denied their wishes). SOMERSETSHIRE is in southwest En31and with an area of 1613 square miles and a population, in 1971, of over 681,000. Taunton is the county seat. Chief rivers are the Avon, Parrett, Axe and Exe. Livestock, fruit, dairy farming, and tourism are the chief industries. BRIDPORT grew up round the rope industry, which developed during the Middle Ages following King John’s request that the townsfolk make ‘night and day as many ropes for ships both large and small and as many cables as you can.’ Hemp and flax were grown locally, and the ropes were originally laid in long rope walks extending from the backs of houses. Bridport-made nets are used by fishing fleets all over the world. A green net is a trawl; other nets include the arrester nets used by the Space Shuttle and those at the Wimbleton Tennis Championships. CREWKERNE is approximately 20 miles north of Bridport. The name means “the house at the hill”. Crewkerne was described in 1548 as ‘a great market towne and a thoroughe fare betwixt London and Exciter’. These are a few comments about the evolution of the Stembridge surname; some instances of its appearance throughout history; some of the Stembridge given names; some places bearing the Stembridge name and comments about some of the areas in which some Stembridges lived. This is by no means a complete listing of all Stembridge names and places, nor can it be assumed that some or all of them are our direct ancestors or even collateral lines. The Stembridge name is obviously a family name of many different and probably completely unrelated families living in England throughout history.

Coming To America

(Written by Evelyn S. Thomas and Josephine H. Lee and presented to the 1962 reunion by Betty L. Roper, Josephines Sister-in-Law.) I’m not going to bore you with too long a speech. Just long enough, in fact, to do a little filling in on just how you ever came to live in America anyway. It’s a long story but I’ll get around to it. I’m told there are preachers, doctors, teachers, nurses, secretaries, lawyers, salesmen, radio and TV persons, merchants, bankers, civil service ”brains”‘, oil men, dancers … and so on. I am even told that at least two of your descendants had anscestors who met the Mayflower. Did you know, by the way, that one of your ancestors invented a thing which enables us to see through a solid wall? Yes sir, he sho did that thing. He made a window in it. But back to the MAyflower…there were other ships before her. And had it not been for Minnie WHo Who, your ancestors might never have set foot on this soil. Now Minnie Who Who was an Indian Maid who had many boy friends but felt there must be someone somewhere more adventurous than the ones she knew so she tried her grandmother’s method and put on the pot to brew and said magic words into it to see what might come to her from outer space. Now far away was a lad named Christopher Columbus who saw an image of a girl in a dream. He knew he must find her so he set out one day looking. He met a girl and asked her name… and do you know what it was? K-K-Katy. Well, Chris didn’t take too much to Katy as he didn’t like a girl that stuttered so he just made his way right up to the Queen. ~He walked right up to her and said…”Hay-O-Dare”. Of course the Queen, who was Isabella, was impressed with this intelligent greeting so she spent some time talking to the boy. Pretty soon she said it was time to retire. But there was not an extra bed for Chris to sleep on. Said Chris, “But baby it’s cold outside.” But Isabella said, “Ain’t misbehavin”‘…so Chris decided then and there to leave Europe and search for the girl in the image. He said to himself..”We are 50 years behind the comic strips now.~’ Down at the waters edge he asked the U.S. Marines who were on police duty there if there was land out of this world. They said, “A-O.K.-Roger”. Now Chris knew it would take money to buy a ship ’cause nobody could get it for him wholesale. So he decided to go back to see the queen and try to charm her with one of his egg tricks, and in that way persuade her to let him have the money. So he took this egg..and balanced it on his nose. When Isabella wanted to know how he did the trick, he just threw the egg away. This made the queen mad and she flounced off and left her jewels. So Chris grabbed them up and went and bought the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. He left on one of these boats from the dock marked ‘Next Boat To America’.

After a few days out the crew ran out of Cheerios, cigarettes and intestinal fortitude and would have turned back but Chris told them if they’d do their best and stay with him until they reached Plymouth Rock by Columbus Day, they could have a day off. So they made it by October 12, Columbus Day. And right off the bat Columbus saw Minnie Who Who. She was driving a cow up the beach. This was very funny and Chris said, “What a Merry Cow” and he laughed some more. His crew thought he said “Ameri-ca”. They didn’t know that was just his funny way of laughing. But they named the place America anyway. Soon afterward Chris and Minnie sailed off for Spain in a ship loaded with Burma Shave, Duz, capsules, rockets and frozen custard. Back in Spain they lived happily until Christopher died and was buried 4 times. But many others rose to follow in his ship steps and some of them were YOUR ancesters. They came, they saw, they stayed and they scattered. Some wound up not far from here, Alabama is the place–just right near. Some fine Stembridges live there too. It’s so good to claim each one of you. Some traveled to Arkansas..way out West, And don’t make it back to see the rest…not often anyway..but we salute them too, but their staying away forever is certainly taboo. A doctor set his satchel down out Colorado way an eye, ear, nose and throat man so they say.. His son’s one too, but he just won’t do ’em all…He took one if you’ve got TWO leaks..don’t call. Some went as far as California to dig for gold..Some dropped off other places to gradually grow old…Some are still going out West today..Settling in Texas, Utah and out Nebraska way. A few like it warm..a nice sunny clime..And make their abode in Florida sunshine..The moon’s O.K., too, down in the deep South..And couples stroll along and run on at the mout~h. They work and they play and always do their share, And at reunion time they are usually right there. Now following our crowd we find to no surprise..Georgia got quite a about every size. They live in the mountains, on the plain and at the shore, in the country–in the city–and just about all o’er. They are up in the hills of Habersham..down in the valleys of Hall, On thru the peach belt section and down where the tides rise and fall. We brag about most places of our broods places of abode..But we sorta keep quiet about…”Tobacco Road”. There are some in the Carolinas, and up Kentucky way..And some great ones are in Virginia to this very day..Thats where the forefathers landed..many years ago, And where we went to get some of our history we now know. Yes..this reunion of families is quite a glorious thing.. Makes you get a catch in your throat and yet you want to sing. We hope you enjoyed every minute..Come again next year..Now lets all just give a listen to AMERICA..Hear?

In The Beginning…

The STEMBRIDGE reunion began many years ago with J.D. STEMBRIDGE and wife, Cora, having a barbecue dinner at their home with his brothers and sisters and their families getting together for the day. The dinner was usually held the 1st or 2nd Sunday in May as five members of the group had birthdays a few days, yet years, apart. During World War II, the dinners were discontinued as many of the sons were away in service to their country. In 1947 part of the family was invited to meet at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Welch Dykes in Cochran, Georgia for the day. Some of the brothers had passed away but their families remained closely knit. As everyone was preparing to leave, J.D. STEMBRIDGE invited everyone to meet with him & Cora next year and invite the others. This was the beginning of the revival of the STEMBRIDGE Family Reunion. In May of 1948, all gathered at the home of Durward & Cora STEMBRIDGE in Centerville, Georgia. Durward suggested that they organize and meet each year and keep it a STEMBRIDGE family reunion. Officers were elected for one year (later amended to 2 years) always subject for reelection. Mrs. Josephene H. Lee was elected the first President, serving for six years and later served four years as Historian, then Secretary/Treasurer and Scrapbook Custodian. Mrs. Erma S. Scarborough was elected the Secretary/Treasurer serving 14 years and then elected to permanent Historian. Mrs. Sadye S. Freeman, the first Historian, served nine years and later two years as Secretary/Treasurer & seven years as Treasurer. No Vice-President was elected. On May 1, 1949, the members voted to change the reunion date to the 2nd Sunday in June to allow time for schools to recess for the Summer and out of state relatives could attend.

Our Very First Memoriam

IN MEMORIAM JAMES DURWOOD STEMBRIDGE, BORN DECEMBER 5, 1875 DEPARTED THIS LIFE MAY 11, 1950… ROBERT FLOYD STEMBRIDGE, BORN APRIL 1895 DEPARTED THIS LIFE FEBRUARY 24, 1950. It is with deep regret but with a feeling of deep satisfaction for the effectiveness of their lives that we pause to offer tribute to two beloved members of our family who have passed on. As close as their families were to the hearts of these departed loved ones, their activities were by no means confined to strictly personal affairs. Recognized as leaders in their respective communities, they were frequently called upon to render services to their community at a great personal sacrifice to themselves. They were both unassuming men but could be counted on to give valuable opinions to all important matters and to exert every energy to the promotion of all things they deemed worthy to the greatest number of people. They were never known to oppress the unfortunate or to turn away from the cries of the needy. We know of no better way to sum up the lives of these two noble men than by that passage of the Scripture which says: “And what cloth God require of thee Oh, Man, but to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.” Mere words are futile to express our sorrow and grief~ for these departed loved ones…members of our family group. But! with humble submission to the Will of God we bow our hearts and heads beseeching Him to help us walk a path somewhat resembling the trail marked by them, thereby preparing ourselves for that greatest of all reunions. Prepared and offered by Willard D. Stembridge..June 11, 1950


(Written by Emma Stembridge Skinner & read by her at the 1972 reunion.) S-Is for our SAVIOR. If it wasn’t for Him, what would we do? T-Our TESTAMENT tells us what to do and how to do. E-The EARTH is what we are standing on and we know which way to go. M-MAN thinks they know everything but it is not true.(lst. COR: 8th. Chapter, 2nd. verse) B-BROTHERS, You all should read your Bibles like we ladies do. R-RING out the bells for you and me at Christmas and New Years too. I-I live forward from year to year to meet with my family. D-DO Lord let us meet together and grow closer to Thee. G-GOD be with us on our way back home today. E-EVERYONE come back next year and bring some one old or someone new is all I ask you to do. THANK YOU THE FAMILY The Family was the foundation stone of civilization and the family means not only those who live under the same roof but all who came down from a common ancester. So, it is good that you got your family sorta under one roof annually. Our STEMBRIDGE family has done this since 1947 and we’ve grown in number, togetherness, and love for each other. We are proud of our STEMBRIDGE name as well we might be. We are represented by Doctors, Nurses, Notarys, Justices of the Peace, Lawyers, C.P.A.s, Ministers, County Ordinarys, all types of Sales People, Jewelers, Ranchers, Fruit Growers, Radio & TV Personnel, District Attorneys, Telephone Communicators, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Golf Pros, Secretaries, Bankers, Clerks, Teachers, Merchants, Civil Service “brains”, Oil Men, Dancers, Farmers and on and on. We were represented in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force. So now we come to celebrate our 50th. reunion with brief outlines of some of the events over the years.

Stembridge Family Members Who Served Our Country

* CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA: Stembridge, Benjamin Co. E, 6th. Georgia Regiment Stembridge, James F.B. Co. K, 45th. Ga. Regiment Rays Guards Stembridge, James W. Co. F, 57th.Regiment Braggs Rifles Stembridge, William A. Co. E, 10th. Ga. Infantry Stembridge, William W. Co. C, 27th. Regiment Volunteer Army Tn. Holloman, George W. Holloman, James A. Holloman, James A. Holloman, Thomas J. * Listed in Index of Confederate records, Crawford Co., Ga. Stembridge, Henry N.

WORLD WAR I : Anderson, Elliott W. U.S. Army

WORLD WAR II: STEMBRIDGE, JULIUS DURWOOD, U.S. Army Killed in Action Sept. 16, 1944 in Northern Italy STEMBRIDGE, OLIN LESTER, U.S. Army Killed on leave in Macon, Ga. SPEARMAN, NEAL SAUNDERS, U.S. Army Killed in Action 1944 WHITTEN, WALTER B., U.S. Army Died in Japanese POW Camp Sept 9, 1942 Stembridge, Willard D., U.S. Navy pilot Stembridge, Walter Hill, Stembridge, Vernon, Stembridge, Oscar Huff Stembridge, John S. Stembridge, Milton, Stembrtdge, Harvey, Stembridge, Neal Stembridge, Reuben Eugene, Anderson, E.W., Anderson, Charlie, Anderson, Eugene, Akin, Alfred T., Black, James, Crews, Billy, Dykes, John Welch, Grant, Lynwood Fred, Grant, Wilbur Felix, Gilliam, Mack H. Jr. Johnson

KOREAN: Stembridge, Willard D. (Billy) U.S. Navy pilotPerry, Ga. Scarborough, James Marshall, EN4, U.S. Coast Guard C’ville, Ga. VIETNAM Scarborough, James Marshall, TSSG. U.S. Air Force C’ville, Ga.

AND DURING PEACE TIME: Stembridge, James Ross, Jr., U.S. Army Birmingham, A1. Lee, Richard Joneal, U.S. Air Force Perry, Ga. Scarborough, James Marshall, MSGT., U.S. Air Force C’ville, Ga. Scarborough, Rabun Gordon, Jr., ATN2, U.S. Navy C’ville, Ga.

Highlights Over The Years

1947 Part of the family met, by invitation, at the home of Welch & Edith Dykes in Cochran, Ga. the first Sunday in May. Some even came by school bus. James Durwood Stembridge invited everyone to meet with him and Cora at their home in Centerville, Ga. next year on the first Sunday in May. 31 were present.

1948 May 2 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Stembridge in centerville, Ga. Mr. Durwood Stembridge suggested we organize and meet each year. Randolph W. Gober was elected to act as chairman until a president and other officers could be elected. Officers elected were: President, Josephine H. Lee; Secretary-Treasurer, Erma S. Scarborough; Historian, Mrs. Sadye S. Freeman. 50 meeting notices were mailed for $1.00. 50 were in attendance.

1949 May 1 met at the home of Mrs. Ida Holloman & Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee in Perry, Ga. Same officers as above. Members voted to change the annual meeting date to the second Sunday in June to allow for schools to recess for the summer so out of state relatives could attend. Sadye reported that work has already begun on the Stembridge family history. 54 were in attendance.

1950 June 11 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Davis, Jr. in Clinchfield, Ga. near Perry. Same officers as above presided. The first Memoriam was written for reunion Founder, J.D. Stembridge, and his brother, Robert Floyd Stembridge, of Lake Wales, F1. by their nephew, Willard Deese “Billy” Stembridge with the understanding that these exact words are not to be used for future Memoriams. 42 remembered the new date. 1951 June 10 met at Vinson Valley at Houston-Bibb County, Ga. line. Same officers continue to serve. First oldest and youngest member present was recognized as Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge, 77, and Rene’ Dykes, 1 mot 82 found the new location.

1952 June 8 met at Vinson Valley. Same officers continue to serve. Oldest and youngest recognized were Mrs. Coryne H. Stembridge and Walter Art Stembridge, 5 mot 60 present.

1953 June 14 met again at Vinson Valley. A first ever Vice-President, R.W. Gober, was elected to serve with the same three as above. Oldest present, Jack C. Stembridge, youngest, Walter Art Stembridge, 17 mot 60 were in attendance.

1954 June 13 met at home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee in Perry. Same officers as above continue to serve. Oldest, Jack C. Stembridge; youngest, Walter Art Stembridge. 67 found the spacious, shady back yard.

1955 June 12 met again at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee in Perry. All officers reelected except Oscar Stembridge was elected Vice-President. Oldest, Mrs. Mattie E. Stembridge; youngest, Melodie Stembridge. 69 in attendance.

1956 June 10 met again at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee. Officers elected were: President, Mrs. Blanche S. Davis; Vice-President, Oscar Stembridge; Sect-Treas., Mrs. Erma S. Scarborough; & Historian, Mrs. Sadye S. Freeman. Oldest, Mrs. Cora W. Stembridge; youngest Frank Stembridge. 56 present.

1957 June 9 met once again at home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee. Officers elected were: President, Oscar H. Stembridge; VP, Sara S. Gober; Sect-Treas., Erma S. Scarborough; & Historian, Josephine H. Lee. Oldest, Mrs Nonie D. Stembridge; youngest, Lauren Chaffin. 61 attended.

1958 June 8 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hill Stembridge in Valdosta, Ga. Same officers above continued to serve. A special presentation, “This is Your Life, Blanche Stembridge Davis” was compiled and presented by Evelyn S. Thomas & Josephine H. Lee. Oldest, Ester L. Reynolds; youngest, Bob Stembridge. 44 was in attendance.

1959 June 14 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stembridge in Lithonia, Ga. then journeyed over to city park. New officers elected were President, Sara S. Gober; VP, Jim Stembridge; Sect-Treas., Erma S. Scarborough; & Historian, Josephine H. Lee. Oldest, Miss Agnes Stembridge; youngest, Rhonda Rowland. 64 present.

1960 June 12 met at Central City Park in Macon, Ga. with the Lloyd Stembridges as hosts. Same officers as above continued to serve. Oldest, Mrs. Annie A. Stembridge; youngest, Lloyd Stembridge, Jr. 83 in attendance.

1961 June 11 met at Lakeside Park in Macon. Officers elected were C.E. Davis, Jr., President; Walter Hill Stembridge, VP; Sadye S. Freeman, Sect-Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Oldest, Mrs. Emmie W. Stembridge; youngest, Victor Rowland, Jr. 57 attended.

1962 June 10 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee in Perry. Same officers as above. The following widows were recognized: Lena E. Stembridge, widow of Oscar H.; Cora W. Stembridge, widow of James Durwood; Nonie D. Stembridge, widow of Green F., Comella E. Stembridge, widow of Robert Floyd; and Annie A. Stembridge, widow of Jim C. They were presented corsages made from Kleenex. Oldest, Mrs. Gertrude S. Barnes; youngest, Randy Rowland. 79 attended.

1963 June 9 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee in Perry. New officers elected were: President, Walter Hill Stembridge; VP, Edith S. Dykes; Sect-Treas., Oscar H. Stembridge & Historian, Erma S. Scarborough. Oldest, Will H. Campbell; youngest, David Watson. 110 was in attendance.

1964 June 14 met at Community House, Cochran, Ga. with the Cochran Stembridges as hosts. Same officers as above. The first set of By-Laws was presented by Walter Hill Stembridge and adopted. Oldest, Mrs Comella Stembridge; youngest, Derek G. Webb. 76 present.

1965 June 20 (third Sunday) met at Youth Center in Cochran, with Cochran group as hosts. Officers elected were; Ronald Rowland, president; Lloyd Stembridge, VP; Ione Rowland, Sect-Treas; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Miss Bertie B. Stembridge was our “Queen For A Day” and a scrapbook picturing the 35 years of her life as County Ordinary of Baldwin County, Ga. was presented to her. The scrapbook was compiled by Evelyn S. Thomas, Josephine H. Lee & Margaret E. Echols. Oldest, Mrs Bertie B. Stembridge; youngest, Neil Rowland. 67 in attendance including Walter Stembridge’s 9 children & their families from Gal, F1., & Mn. Also James M. Scarborough who just returned from Vietnam & Thailand.

1966 June 12 met at Avery Lee’s Polka Dot Pig in Perry. Gordon Scarborough, Jr. was elected VP with remaining officers. Erma S. Scarborough was presented a plaque for 18 consecutive years of dedication and faithful service to the Stembridge Family Reunion while serving as SecretaryTreasurer & Historian. Then she was elected PERMANENT Historian. Oldest, Jack Stembridge; youngest, J.C. Spradley, Jr. 86 dined with the pigs.

1967 June 11 met at Baptist Tabernacle Church Park in Macon with Mr. 7 Mrs. Ralph W. Gober hosts. New officers were Gordon Scarborough, Jr., President; Jimmy Lee, VP; Josephine H. Lee, Sect-Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Oldest, Mrs. Willie S. Grant; youngest, Martha Claire Glover. 76 in attendance.

1968 June 22 met at Baptist Tabernacle Church Park in Macon with Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Gober as hosts. President & VP switched offices as President would be out of town on most 2nd. weekends attending Naval Reserve meetings. Oldest, Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge, 94; youngest, John Thomas. 90 returned.

1969 June 8 met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Lee in Perry. New officers elected were Jimmy Lee, President; Gordon Scarborough, Jr., VP; Josephine H.Lee, Sect-Treas.; and Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Comella E. Stembridge, our “Queen For A Day”, was written and presented by Evelyn S. Thomas & Josephine H. Lee. Old Fashioned Reunion was the theme with ladies getting bonnets & men getting straw hats & canes. Oldest, Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge (but later gave it to Mrs. Lillie Mae Campbell); youngest, Meredeth Mathis. 91 found the back yard.

1970 June 14 met at Lake Sinclair, Ga. at Ronald & Shirley Rowland’s cabin. Officers elected were Gordon Scarborough, Jr., President; Joneal Lee, V.P.; Josephine H. Lee, Sect-Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Mr. & Mrs. J.C. (Jack) Stembridge of Macon celebrated their 50th. wedding anniversary with us. Oldest, Mrs. Lillie Mae Campbell; youngest, Robert Thomas. 80 attended.

1971 June 11 met again with Ronald & Shirley Rowland at their cabin on Lake Sinclair. They were crowned King & Queen for the day, respectfully. Oldest, Mrs. Comella E. Stembridge; youngest, Robert Thomas. Same officers. 56 was on hand.

1972 June 11 met at Ochlahatchee Club House in Perry with Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Scarborough, Jr. as hosts. New officers elected were Joneal Lee, President; Victor Rowland, VP; Josephine H. Lee, Sect-Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Emma S. Skinner read a short poem with its theme around the word S T E M B R I D G E. It was noted that in 1958 we had 151 members on roll with 50 attending. Today we have 900 on roll with 75 attending. Jimmy Lee read a review of our first 25 years written by Erma S. Scarborough. Oldest, Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge; youngest, Angela Ruth Scarborough. Gordon Scarborough, Jr. gave out door prizes with everyone present receiving a gift. 75 helped celebrate our 25th. reunion.

1973 June 10 met at Ochlahatchee Club House in Perry with Gordon, Jr. & Marietta Scarborough as hosts. Officers elected were Walter Hill Stembridge, President; Lillian LaRue, VP; same Sect-Treas. & Historian. Oldest, Lillie Mae Campbell; youngest, Jarrod Straukas. 75 found their way back.

1974 June 9 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. Same officers continued to serve. Oldest, Mrs. Comella E. Stembridge; youngest, Jarrod Straukas, 76. returned.

1975 June 8 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. New officers elected were Blanche S. Davis, President; Joe Fisher, VP; Mrs Judy Lee, Sect.; Josephine H. Lee, Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. New By-Law change allowed the separation of the Secretary & Treasurer. Oldest, Mrs. Anna S. Shepherd; youngest, Rebekah Lee. 63 found the club house again.

1976 June 13 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. Same officers as above continued to serve. A patriotic theme was carried throughout the reunion with singing, decorations, and program by our youngsters presented by Joe Fisher. Piano music by Lloyd Stembridge, Jr. and trumpet music by Victor Rowland was enjoyed throughout the afternoon. Our oldest member, Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge passed away on June 16th. Oldest, Mrs. Mallie S. Thomas; youngest Rebekah Lee. 61 back again.

1977 June 12 met at the home of Avery & Josephine Lee in Perry. The officers apparently didn’t get enough and want to stay on. Ochlahatchee Club House burned back in January & is being rebuilt. Oldest, Mrs. Mattie S. Miller; youngest, Shelia Ann Talbot, 4 mot 53 present.

1978 June 11 met at New Ochlahatchee Club House in Perry. Sect. was replaced by Lorraine D. Thomas to serve with remaining officers. Oldest, Sallie Mae Reynolds; youngest, Philip D. Dykes, 10 mot 75 came to check out the new club house.

1979 June 10 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. New officers elected were John “Bubba” Dykes, President; Mrs. John “Joy” Dykes, VP; Lorraine D. Thomas, Sect.; Josephine H. Lee, Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Oldest, Mrs. Josephine H. Lee, 76; youngest, Philip Dykes 22 mot 69 in attendance.

1980 June 8 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. All officersremainina for ~noth~r v~~r nla~c~

youngest, Ashley Dykes, 5 mot 73 were on hand.

Mrs. Mamie Hughes;

1981 June 14 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. New officers were Walter Hill Stembridge, President; Mrs. Walter Hill ”Lynette” Stembridge, VP; Lorraine D. Thomas, Sect.; Sadye S. Freeman, Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Oldest Josephine H. Lee, 78 (later presented gift to next oldest, Ross Stembridge); youngest, Casey Dykes. 72 attended.

1982 June 13 met at Red Carpet Inn in Perry. Officers remained. Stembridge Family History Books as revised by Erma S. Scarborough, Historian, were available for the first time. Iris Lee narrated a video of her recent trip to China. Oldest, Josephine H. Lee; youngest, Casey Dykes. 82 found room at the Inn.

1983 June 12 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. New officers elected were James “Buddy” Scarborough, President; Margaret Echols Hendrickson, VP; Lorraine D. Thomas, Sect.; Sadye S. Freeman, Treas., & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Oldest, Josephine H. Lee, 80; youngest, Casey Dykes. 52 came back.

1984 June 10 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. Same officers held over. Special guest appearance by Dolly Pardon (Joy Dykes). Three Hallmark Guest Books donated by James & Lois Scarborough. Oldest, James Ross Stembridge, 80; youngest, Casey Dykes. 73 returned.

1985 June 9 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. Officers like it. Want more. Oldest, James Ross Stembridge, 81; youngest, Casey Dykes. 69 returned.

1986 June 8 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. Officers still want more. A “Then & Now” contest was held with a picture board of members attending the 1947 reunion. The idea was to match the current members with their 1947 picture. Malcolm Rowland matched the most. Bubba Dykes won the grand prize, a 12″ TV donated by James Scarborough. Oldest, James Avery Lee, 79; youngest, Ashley Dykes. 59 played the game.

1987 June 14 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. All officers remain. Oldest, Finis Stembridge; youngest, Matthew Hampton. 74 present.

1988 June 12 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. New officers were Joneal Lee, President; Gordon Scarborough, Jr., VP; Judy Dykes, Sect.; Blanche S. Davis, Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. 32 years ago on June 12, 1956, Frank Stembridge, 13 mo old son of Bill & Mary Stembridge, received a silver cup as the youngest member present. Today Frank & his family are here and so are Bill & Mary along with his sister, Evelyn, and her family. Today, Frank presented that same silver cup that he received 32 years ago to his 8 mo old daughter, Gwen. Oldest, Avery Lee, 81; youngest, Rabun Robertson, 7mo. 69 attended.

1989 June 12 met at Creekside Restaurant on GA 49 West of I-75

just North of Perry. Marshall & Dot Andrews were our hosts. Officers remained the same. Oldest male, Avery Lee, 82; oldest female, Blanche S. Davis, 81; youngest male, Seth Hampton; youngest female,k Kaki Mathis. 51 attended.

1990 June 10 met at Creekside Restaurant with Marshall & Dot Andrews. New officers elected were Gordon Scarborough, Jr. President; Marcia D. Mathis, VP; Katherine D. Fisher, Sect.; Blanche S. Davis, Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. Oldest man, Finis Stembridge, 89; oldest woman, Blanche S. Davis; youngest man, Seth Hampton, 22 mo, youngest woman Katie D. Robertson, 8 mot 60 came back.

1991 June 9 met at Creekside Restaurant. Same officers continued to serve. Welch & Edith S. Dykes, Blanche S. Davis & Walter Hill Stembridge were recognized for attending 44 of the last 45 family reunions. And Gordon & Erma S. Scarborough & Sarah Jo S. Jones were recognized for attending 43 of the last 45 family reunions. Oldest, Blanche S. Davis, 83; youngest, Katie Robertson, 20 mot 44 had lunch ‘side the creek.

1992 June 14 met at Creekside Restaurant. New officers elected were Walter Hill Stembridge, President; Lilliam LaRue, VP; Carole S. Ausum, Sect.; W. Art Stembridge, Treas.; & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. A “Miss Stembridge Family Reunion” contest was held with only 3 contestants. “Miss Victoria” Stembridge found favor from the members over “Miss Walter Hill” Stembridge and “Miss Bootsie” Stembridge. 64 watched this unbelievable charade. 4 generations were recognized in Walter Hill Stembridge, Susan S. Butenschon, Kevin Butenschon, & Taylor Butenschon. Oldest, John Hicks, 86; youngest, Taylor Brook Butenschen, 18 mot 64 in attendance.

1993 June 13 met at Creekside Restaurant. Same officers serving another year. Oldest, Finis Stembridge, 92; youngest, Taylor B. Butenschon, 2 yr. 62 present.

1994 June 12 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. New officers elected were Lillian LaRue, President; Walter Hill Stembridge, VP; Joan Stembridge, Sect.; Gordon Scarborough, Jr., Treas. & Erma S. Scarborough, Historian. 4 generations were present in Roy & Irene Rowland, Victor Rowland, Randy Rowland & Amanda & Christina. Also noted was that 42 of the 56 present are decendants of James Artemus Stembridge. Oldest, Sadye S. Freeman, 83; youngest, Sean Sapp, 18 mot

1995 June 11 met at Ochlahatchee Club House. Same officers continued to serve with Walter Hill Stembridge presiding in the absence of President Lillian LaRue, due to illness. Oldest, Gordon Scarborough, SR., 83; youngest, Thomas Hudson Stembridge, 3 mot It was noted the most ever in attendance was 110 in 1963 and the least was 42 in 1950. Todays attendance is 44.

News Round Up Over The Years

(Taken from old FAMILY NEWS ROUNDUP cards as gleaned by Edyth S. Dykes.)

1947 One Sunday morning a big yellow school bus pulled into our front yard and a bunch of our kin folk got out. And before they left, they had just about eaten us out of house & home!

1957 Since last reunion Victor Rowland married Sara Ione Corley and not to be outdone, brother Ronald married Shirley Price. Roger Edward Stembridge married Charlotte Gresham. And Dorothy Aultman married Jimmy Laudreth. Last Mothers Day, Mamie Anderson was the oldest Mother and had the most children and grandchildren at church & received a lovely bouquet. Eva S. Youmans returned just the other day from Annapolis, MD. where she accompanied her daughter, Verna, to attend June week at the U.S. Naval Academy. As all of us who know Avery Lee knows that he goes from one extreme to another. He went to warm & sunny Homestead, FL. on TDY. And a few weeks later landed in frozen, snow laden Caribu, ME. How extreme can you get?

1972 Rebekah Lee will be going into 3rd. grade next year. Scott will be a sophmore at Central Fellowship Christian Academy & Jill is a sophmore at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton. Joneal Lee’s child bride, Judy, is finally pass 40!! And teaches 2nd. grade at Elberta Elementary School. Joneal got lost in NYC & vowed to never go North of Atlanta Again. John is 15 yrs. old & has his learners license. Lord, help us! Robert waited 13 yrs. to break a bone but that’s OK because he has another one. Martha Glover enjoyed 2 weeks in Europe. Sara Gober & Sadye Freeman visited the World’s Fair in Oct. Sadye will retire from the Georgia Industrial Home after 25 years.

1978 The Dykes Bros., John W. (Bubba) & Rene were awarded the Buck stove franchise for Cochran & surrounding area.

Roger Stembridge works as a Sergeant at the Macon Police Dept. by day and manager of Snows Memorial Chapel at night.

Roy & Irene Rowland celebrated their 50th. weddinganniversary.

Rene & Judy Dykes have opened their home many times to foster children. It takes love, kindness, & patience to make a successful foster parent.

1984 Blanche S. Davis reinstituted our news roundup by distributing 3 x 5 cards for members to write their families past years news that Blanche will read to the group.

Gordon & Erma Scarborough celebrated their 50th. weddinganniversary.

1985 Welch Dykes grew one of the largest pumpkins at the Cochran Pumpkin Festival sponsored by State Bank of Cochran and they ate pumpkin pie until Easter.

Asbury Stembridge, Jr. joined the Medical Staff of m eMedical Center of Central Georgia as Partnersin Health


1986 Marcia Mathis was named Teacher of The Year in Cochran.


Willard D. “Bills’ Stembridge, Jr. joined the staff of8th. District Congressman, J. Roy Rowland, D. Dublin.

1988 Three generations earned honors from The Exchange Club. Avery Lee from the Exchange Club of Perry & Jimmy & Jamie Lee from the Exchange Club of North Macon.

Cochran had 14 in. of snow &, of course, were snowed in and not a snow sled could be found in Bleckley County.

1989 Angela Scarborough was chosen “Youth of the Month” by the Exchange Club of Perry.

Gordon Scarborough, Jr. was elected President of The AdClub of Central Georgia in Macon.

John Welch (Bubba) Dykes, III became High School Principal of Treutlin County.

Casey Dykes was Student of the Month at Bleckley County.

1991 Welch & Edith Dykes celebrated their 50th. wedding anniversary.

Alan Scarborough took as his bride Tara Bittorie on June 16 at Smokey Mountains Wedding Chapel in Pigeon Forge, TN.

1992 Bubba Dykes named State Farm Agent of the year.

Blanche Davis Gardens at the Bryant Nursing Home in Cochran, Ga. was named and dedicated in her honor for her many years of devoted service.

Oscar Stembridge retired from Middle Georgia College after 40 years of teaching English & Philosophy.

Jimmy Lee went to Moscow as a member of the National Peanut Butter Council team to deliver peanut butter to orphans.

Carol S. Ausum received her Georgia Property & Casualty Insurance Agents license in July.

1994 Philip Dykes has been named a U.S. Achievement Academy National Award winner.

Helen Stembridge of Georgia Natural Gas Co. has been named President of Leadership Macon. Asbury & 7 yr. old daughter, Laura, was on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Joan Stembridge, a cosmetologist, was honored by The National Cosmetology Assn. for her volunteer work with The American Cancer Society & South Georgia Medical Center during the Flood of ’94.

1995 Rebecca Lee is at U. of S.C. on a golf scholarship. Scott made Joneal & Judy Lee a grandpa & grandma. In that order.

Philip Dykes graduated from High School with honors.

Gordon Scarborough, Jr. & Philip Dykes sang with The Mercer University Choral Union as they performed Geo. F. Handel’s Messiah at The Grand Opera House in Macon, and then the next evening at The First Baptist Church of Decatur. Gordon sings bass & Philip sings tenor. Neither was a featured soloist, thank goodness.

Philip Dykes performed with The Mercer Singers on “CBS This Morning” as seen on WMAZ-TV, Macon.

Jamie Lee graduated, “Thank You Lordy” from Georgia College on June 11th.

Walter Hill & Lynette Stembridge are going to Minnesota in July to visit his brother, Vernon, by way of Los Angeles to see Walter & Lynette’s daughter Carole & grandson, Jarrod. Sarah Jo says she’s going too!

A Mother And Daughters Dedication

From 1951 to 1980, Eva Stembridge Youmans of Lake Wales, FL. attended our reunion 26 times. Six times she celebrated her birthday with us on the 10th. and six times their anniversary on the 8th. Only 4 times during this period did her mother, Mrs. Floyd Stembridge (Aunt Camilla) miss coming with her. But wait! Eva was a Tampa Tribune paper carrier. On the mornings of our family reunions, she would get up and start throwing her Sunday morning papers in Lake Wales about 2:60 A.M. finishing about 5:00 A.M. She returns home to pick up her mother to find her rocking on the front porch, bags packed and ready to go. Then they would DRIVE OVER 400 MILES to Georgia arriving about 10:30 TO BE WITH US at our reunions. Then return sometimes to Lake Wales that same afternoon. FOR 29 YEARS! Now thats dedication, people!!

New Attendees

1947 J. Durwood & Cora Stembridge, George & Evelyn Thomas, Gordon & Erma Scarborough, Gordon Jr. & James M. (Buddy) Scarborough, & Ira & Lucille Garvin, all of Centerville. Mrs. J.M. (Ida) Holloman of Perry. P.D. & Mary Alice Walker, Vernon, Oscar & Sarah Jo Stembridge, & Onahlee Shobe & Clara Walton of Macon. Walter Hill Stembridge of Valdosta. Mrs. Dykes, Welch’s Mother, of Cary. Charles Jr.& Blanche Davis, Davis, Charlie, Walter, Katherine & Marcia, Welch & Edith Dykes, Jeanette & Bubba of Cochran.

1948 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Gober, Ann & Emily, Mrs. Lena Stembridge, Mrs. Sadye S. Freeman, & Bill Talbot of Macon, Ga. Mrs. J.M. (Ida) Holloman, Mrs. Josephine H. Lee, Jimmy & Joneal, & Horace Stembridge of Manchester, Ga. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Rowland & children of Fort Valley, Ga. Mr. & Mrs. Shaw of Valdosta, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Gray, & Mr. & Mrs. L.F. Rambo of Centerville, Ga.

1949 Mr. & Mrs. Felix Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Willard Stembridge & sons, Mrs Nonie Stembridge, & Neal, Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Brown of Perry. Mrs. Floyd Stembridge, Mrs. D.E. Youmans, Sylvia Youmans, Mrs Mayme Anderson & MRs. M.H. Gilliam of Lake Wales, F1. Mr. L.S. Freeman, Mrs. Emma Walker, Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Reynolds, of Macon, Ga. Mrs. Walter Stembridge & Susan of Valdosta, Ga.

1950 Jack Stembridge, Mrs. Dud Poole, Miss Dorothy Aultman, Buddy Stembridge & Mrs. Mattie Stembridge of Fort Valley, Ga.

1951 Miss Mary Scarborough, Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt H. Hammock & Wyatt,

Jr. of Macon, Ga. Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Stuckey of Columbus, Mrs. Jessee Tucker of Athens, Tn., Mr. Dud Poole of Fort Valley, Gal, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Holloway & children of Perry. Mr. J.C. Stembridge, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Talbot & Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Harper & Frances of Macon & Sherry Farrington, of Centerville, Ga.

1952 Dr. Vann & Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Stembridge of Macon, Ga. Mr. & Mrs. James Ross Stembridge, Ross, Jr., & Kate of Birmingham, A1.

1953 Misses Frankie, Verna & Sylvia Youmans, Jan Wilson & Sandy Stembridge of Lake Wales, F1. Misses Mary Simmons & Sandra Peterman of Centerville, Ga. Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Miller & niece & family of Macon, Ga.

A.H. Jackson, Perrine, F1.

1955 Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stembridge & Howard Stembridge of Ellijay, Gal; Wm. F. “Bill” Stembridge, Jr. of College Park, Gal, & Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Stembridge, Jr. & Family of Hapeville, Ga. Misses Alice Jane Hardy, Anna Katherine Akin, Suzanna McCrosky, Sandra Giles & Margaret Harkins, & David O’Dell, Delmar Poynter, & Lonnis Barrett of Perry, Ga.

1956 (none)

1957  Mr. Joe Stembridge of Atlanta, Ga.

1958  Miss Annette Lamb of Swainsboro, Gal; &

Milton Stembridge of Lake Wales, F1.

1959 Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Grant & Dannie Grant of St. Petersburg, FL.; Mr. & Mrs. Roger Stembridge of Atlanta, Gal; & Mr. & Mrs. Gene Johnson of Orlando, FL.

1960 Linda Smith of Cochran, Gal; Mrs. Iva S. Wilkie of Denver, Co.; Miss Bertie B. Stembridge, Mrs Gertrude Hughes, & Miss Margaret Echols of Atlanta, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Stuckey & Family of Columbus, Ga.

1961 Mr. & Mrs. Rexie Stembridge of Marion, Ky.

1962 Mr. & Mrs. Banks Oxford of College Park, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. W.D. (Billy) Crews, Jr., David, Steven & Jeff Crews of Lake Wales, F1.; Mrs George L. Echols of Milledgeville, Gal; Mrs John Stembridge of Cordele, Gal; Mrs Joe Roper, Brenda, Joel, Buddy & Bobby Lee Roper of Perry, Gal.

1963 Mr. & Mrs. Nick Hightower, Monty Hightower, & Mr. & Mrs. Finis Stembridge of Chase City, Va.; Charlie Stembridge of Skipworth, Va.; Mrs. Mildred Stembridge, Roger & Taffy & Mrs. Marcia Goldstein of Milledgeville, Gal; Mrs. Carolyn Stembridge, Milam & Kim of Madisonville, Ky.; Mr. & Mrs. Woodroe Stembridge of Lemay, Mo.; & Mrs. Hattie Akin of Fort Meade, Md.

1964 Mrs Verna Webb & Derek Webb of Orlando, F1.; Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fuller & Jeanifer Fuller of Greenwood, S.C.; Miss Paige Aschom of Valdosta, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. Mary Sheffield & son & Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Shelton & son of Cochran, GA.

1965 Henry Jones of Chase City, Va.; W. Asbury Stembridge of Cordele, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Stembridge, Gregory, Linda, Brett & Nancy Stembridge of Minneapolis, Mn.; Murry & Martha Belger of Douglas, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. William Rowland & Lisa Rowland of Warner Robins, Gal;

1966 Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Blount, B.W. Stembridge, & Mr. & Mrs. J.C. & J.C. Spradley, Jr. of Tifton, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis, III & Lisa Davis & Miss Lillian C. LaRue of Cincinnati, Oh.

1967 Mrs. Willie Grant; & Mrs. Ann G. Moore & Dedra Moore of Lake Wales, F1.

1968 Mrs. Sara S. Perry & James Perry; & Herman Stembridge of Birmingham, A1.

1969  C.D. & David Jones of Chase City, Va.

1970 Mr. & Mrs. Baynard Ellis of Waynesboro, Ga.

1971 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Stembridge & Debra, Stephanie & Denise Stembridge of Lake Wales, F1.; Mrs. Xavia Stembridge of Primbrook, F1.; & Mr. & Mrs. Donald Zink of Chamblee, Ga.

1972 Ray Jones & Thomas Stembridge of Chase City, Va.

1973 (none)

1974 Miss Betty Powell of Columbus, Ga. & Miss Kathy Grenade of Warner Robins, Ga. were both visitors.

1975 Mrs. Anna Shepard of Louisville, Ky.; Mrs Joan Wells & Jennifer Richardson of Valdosta, Ga.

1976 Miss Susan Shepard, visitor; Mr. & Mrs. Rudet Bailey of Dothan, A1.; Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Hughes & Mrs Mallie Thomas of Newton, Ga.

1977 & 1978 (none)

1979 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown & Jennifer Brown of Unadilla, Ga.

1980 Mildred McDonald, Janet Armstrong & James Hood, visitors.

1981 Mr. & Mrs. Joel Stembridge, & Bob Stembridge of Ellijay, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Korthauer & Tracie Bumstead of Jacksonville, F1. 1982 Howard Hendrickson of Milledgeville; Mr & Mrs. Steven Stembridge & Edgar & Jamie Stembridge; & Mr. & Mrs. John A, Stembridge of Macon, Gal; Mrs. Debbie McCard of Valdosta, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Haman of Ty Ty, Gal; Mr. & Mrs. Doug Phelps & Mrs. Alene S. Phelps of Albany, Ga. 1983 (none) 1984 Cindy Vaughn & Carole & Cindy Cobb of Warner Robins, Gal; Louisa Echols Meals & Jane Meals of Atlanta, Ga. 1985 Jim & Mildred Dollins of Decatur, Gal; Kim Bunstead of Jacksonville, Gal; & Stan & Jacaueline Stembridae Strickland. 1986 Jerry Smith, visitor; Eugenia S. Walker of Roberta, Cheryl Busbee, of Macon, Ga. 1987 Charles Sapp of of Warner Robins, Ga. 1988 Berta Starr of Lakeland, F1.; Lucy & Gwen Stembridge of East Point, Gal; Walt Davis & Angela, Scott & Jeff Davis of Augusta, Ga. 1989 Rett Dykes of Cochran, Ga. 1990 Marshall Andrews of Fort Valley, Ga. 1991 Dr. Vernie & Aileen Stembridge of Dallas, TX & Jimmy Stembridge of Roberta. 1992 Shannon Rowland & Jerry Lones of Warner Robins, Gal; Judy R. Justice & Ashley Justice of Knoxville, Gal; Neltie Stembridge Justice of Andersonville, Gal; & Kinda & Taylor Butenschon of Valdosta, Ga. 1993 Sonny, Amanda & Christina Rowland of Augusta, Gal; J. Michael Robinson & Haley Jewel Hancock of Valdosta, Gal; Chip & Craig & Pam Shirley Stembridge of Fort Valley, Gal; & S. Anderson of Macon, Ga.

1994 Sean & Taylor Sapp of Saudi Arabia; Mrs. Essie Guin & NancyGuin of Millport A1.; & Renee Guin of Birmingham, A1.; Mrs.Victor Rowland, Jr. & Linda, Emily Jean & Jennifer Lynn ofLawrenceville, Ga.

1995 Thomas Hudson Stembridge of Fort Valley, Ga.

Locations Where We Have Met

  • Home of Welch & Edith Dykes
  • Home of M & M J.D. Stembridge
  • Home of M & M Avery Lee
  • Home of M & M C. E. DavisVinson Valley
  • Home of M & M Walter Hill Stembridge
  • Lithonia City Park,
  • M & M Jim Stembridge
  • Central City Park
  • Lakeside Park
  • Community HouseYouth Center
  • Polka Dot Pig of M & M Avery
  • LeeBaptist Tabernacle Park, M & M R.W. Gober
  • Cabin of M & M Ronald Rowland
  • Ochlahatchee Club House
  • Red Carpet Inn
  • Creekside Rest., M & M Marshall Andrews

States That Have Been Represented

  • Alabama  
  • Minnesota
  • Arkansas  
  • Missouri
  • California 
  • North Carolina
  • Colorado   Ohio
  • Florida  
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia  
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana   Texas
  • Kentucky  
  • Virginia
  • Maine  
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Maryland  
  • Washington, DC

Our Officers Who Have Served


  • Walter Hill Stembridge 8 yrs
  • Blanche S. Davis 7
  • Josephene H. Lee 6
  • Gordon Scarborough, Jr. 5
  • James Scarborough 4
  • Joneal Lee 3
  • Lillian Larue 3
  • Oscar Stembridge 2
  • Sara Gober 2
  • Charles E. Davis 2
  • Ronald Rowland 2
  • Jimmy Lee 2
  • Bubba Dykes 2


  • Erma S. Scarborough 13 yrs.
  • Josephene H. Lee 8
  • Sadye Freeman 2
  • Oscar Stembridge 2
  • Ione Rowland 2


  • Lorraine Thomas 10 yrs.
  • Judy Lee 2
  • Judy Dykes 2
  • Marcia Mathis 2
  • Carole Ausum 2
  • Joan Stembridge 2
  • Susan Butenschol 2


  • Erma S. Scarborough 48 yrs
  • Josephene H Lee 23
  • Sadye Freeman 18
  • Gordon Scarborough, Jr.13
  • Walter Hill Stembridge 12
  • Blanche S. Davis 11


  • Gordon Scarborough, Jr. 5 yrs.
  • Margaret Echols 4
  • Walter Hill Stembridge 4
  • Lillian Larue 4
  • Joe Fisher 4
  • Joneal Lee 3
  • Randolph Gober 2
  • Sara S. Gober 2
  • Jim Stembridge 2
  • Edyth Dykes 2
  • Joy Dykes 2
  • Lynette Stembridge 2
  • Marcia D. Mathis 2
  • Oscar Stembridge 1
  • Lloyd Stembridge 1
  • Jimmy Lee 1
  • Victor Rowland 1


  • Sadye Freeman 7 yrs.
  • Josephene H. Lee 6
  • Blanche S. Davis 4
  • Gordon Scarborough, Jr. 3
  • Walter Art Stembridge 2


  • Sadye Freeman 48-56
  • Josephene H. Lee 57-60
  • Erma S. Scarborough 61-present

The Oldest And Youngest In Attendance


1951    Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge,    77
1952    Mrs. Coryne S. Hammock,
1953    J.C., Jack, Stembridge,
1954    J.C., Jack, Stembridge,
1955    Mrs. Mattie E. Stembridge,
1956    Mrs. Cora Stembridge,       71
1957    Mrs. Noni Stembridge,
1958    Ester L. Reynolds,
1959    Miss Agnes Stembridge,
1960    Mrs. Annie A. Stembridge,
1961    Mrs. Emmie W. Stembridge,
1962    Mrs. Gertrude S. Barnes,
1963    Will H. Campbell,
1964    Mrs. Comella E. Stembridge,
1965    Miss Bertie B. Stembridge,
1966    Mrs. Thelma Stembridge,
1967    Mrs. Willie S. Grant,
1968    Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge,    94
1969    Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge,    95
1970    Mrs. Lillie Mae Campbell,
1971    Mrs. Comella E. Stembridge,
1972    Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge,    98
1973    Mrs. Lillie Mae Campbell,
1974    Mrs. Comella E. Stembridge,
1975    Mrs. Anna S. Shepherd
1976    Mrs. Mallie S. Thomas,
1977    Mrs. Mattie S. Miller,
1978    Mrs. Sallie Mae S. Reynolds,
1979    Mrs. Josephine H. Lee,      76
1980    Mrs. Mamie Hughes,
1981    Mrs. Josephine H. Lee,                78
1982    Mrs. Josephine H. Lee,      79
1983    Mrs. Josephine H. Lee,      80
1984    James Ross Stembridge,      80
1985    James Ross Stembridge,      81
1986    James Avery Lee,            79
1987    Finis B. Stembridge,        86
1988    Avery Lee,                  81
1989    Avery Lee,                  82
Mrs. Blanche S. Davis,            81
1990    Finis B. Stembridge,        89
Mrs. Blanche S. Davis,            82
1991    Mrs. Blanche S. Davis,      83
1992    John S. Hicks,              86
1993    Finis B. Stembridge,        92
1994    Mrs. Sadye S. Freeman,      83
1995    Gordon Scarborough, Sr.,    83


Durwood R. Dykes, 7 mot
W. Art Stembridge, 5 mot
W. Art Stembridge, 17 mot
W. Art Stembridge, 2\
Melodie Stembridge
Frank Stembridge, 13 mot
Lauren Chafin, 5 mo
Bob Stembridge,
Rhonda Rowland,
Lloyd Stembridge, Jr.
Victor Rowland, Jr.,
Randy Rowland,
David Watson,
Derek G. Webb,
Neil Rowland,
J.C. Spradley, Jr.,
Martha C. Glover, 6 mot
John Thomas,
Merideth Mathis,
Robert Thomas, 1
Robert Thomas, 2
Angela R. Scarborough, 17 mot
Jarrod Straukas,
Jarrod Straukas,
Rebecca Lee, 7 mot
Rebecca Lee, 19 mot
Shelia A. Talbot, 4 mot
Phillip Dykes, 10 mot
Phillip Dykes, 22 mot
Ashley, Dykes, 55 mot
Casey Dykes, 175 mot
Casey Dykes, 2
Ashley Dykes, 4
Casey Dykes, 4
Casey Dykes, 5
Ashley Dykes, 6
Matthew Hampton,
Rabun Robertson, 7 mot
Seth Hampton,
Kaki Mathis,
Seth Hampton, 22 mot
Katie Robertson, 8 mot
Katie Robertson, 20 mot
Taylor B. Butenschon, 18 mot
Taylor B. Butenschon, 2:
Sean Sapp, 1
Thomas H. Stembridge, 3 mot


  1. We Stembridges now have a 3 mile gravel road named after us between 2 major highways in Millport, Alabama.


In 1969 all the men dressed as men and all the women dressed as women like our anscestors did years ago. And by golly everyone could tell the women from the men just by their dress! Even some kids were looking at mama sorta funny?
In 1963 Will H. Campbell of Macon was the oldest and his GREAT grandson, David Watson, was the oldest.

  1. In 1964 Mrs. Comella E. Stembridge of Lake Wales., F1. was the oldest and her GREAT Grandson, Derek Grayson Webb was the youngest!

In 1995 Dereck Grayson Webb had his Grandfather’s name officially added to his. When his son was born on May 30, 1995, he was named Dereck Grayson STEMBRIDGE Webb, Jr.

  1. 1963 Most attendance ever 110.
  2. 1950 Least attendance ever 42.
  3. 1972 01dest in attendance, Mrs. Lena E. Stembridge, 98.
  4. 1995…Youngest in attendance, Thomas H. Stembridge, 3 mot

lO. 1994…Most present in 1 family, the Roy Rowlands, 20.

  1. Four generations were present 4 times: the Will H. Campbells of Macon in 1963; the Mrs. Comella E. Stembridges of Lake Wales, F1. in 1964; the Walter H. Stembridges of Valdosta in 1992; & the Roy Rowlands of Warner Robins in 1994.


1951…The first Stembridge Historys were available although incomplete. Research had been done by the late Judge William Leigh Stembridge, Sr. of Virginia; George W. Stembridge of Texas; Lon Stembridge of Texas & Morton Howard Stembridge of Baltimore, Md. who sent us his copy. From these records Sadye E. Freeman, Sara B. Gober, J.D. Stembridge, Mrs. Ida S. Holloman & Erma S. Scarborough began the task of filling in the blanks & doing more research to bring our records up to date as much as possible.

My Favorite Reunion Memory

(These 5 memories were received from 5 different people.)

“I remember growing up and going to all the family reunions each summer and all my cousins, Aunts & Uncles would be there and us kids always had fun. I especially remember all the times in Perry, Ga. at Aunt Josephine & Uncle Avery’s house. It was always very important to attend the reunions and see everyone. My parents provided me with a very happy & memorable upbringing and a sense of family that’s very strong.”

“Favorite reunions were the ones in Aunt Josephine & Avery’s backyard & having Avery ask, ‘Want a Coca Cola Cap?’ And having Aunt Cora make all the boys put on a shirt before they could eat. Most special memory for Susan – the day Walter Hill married my Mother and adopted me and made me a legal part of such a special family.”

“Being at all the reunions with all the family is always a special event for me, because we have a lot to eat. When we had the Old Fashioned Reunion, that was special because we ate. When we had Dolly Pardon to visit was interesting because I never got to eat with Dolly before. I remember all the reunions except 2 of them. We must not have had much to eat those times. I was always so happy to see everyone arrived, to sit around and talk and eat. I loved to see everyone enjoying themselves,…justa eatin ‘!”

”There have been many reunions that have given me that sense of belonging to a very special family, that I was special to them, & they were special to me. I have felt the sincere fellowship, of loving and being loved. But there was one reunion that I will never forget! It was the last one where Aunt Comella Stembridge graced the table before lunch. I can’t tell you what she said, but I do remember the feeling I had that took me back years ago to those summers in Hesperadis, F1. where Aunt Comilla witnessed to us teenagers in everything she did. And I remembered during that blessing that Sunday that here I am, many years later, a grown adult and Aunt Comella is still witnessing for her Lord. And I remembered, too, the story that was told about one of the colored hands at the saw mill one day when a thunder storm had forced it to shut down. As I remember it, everyone had given their opinion about whether they believed in Heaven & Hell and where they wanted to go when they died except this one colored man who was just listening. When he was asked his opinion about where he thought he was going when he died his reply was that he wasn’t sure about Heaven or Hell. But if good people went to Heaven and bad people went to Hell, then “Miss Comella” sho’ was going to Heaven & he would like to think he was going there too. And I think all of us know where “Miss Comella” is. And I hope we all see her again on that great reunion day…and hear her give the blessing..again!

“My most memorable reunion was in 1948 and how happy my Daddy was to have the family meet at his house again, and that we organized and planned to meet annually from that day on. He was so happy and proud now that all the family would always meet at least once a year. He had his leg amputated in 1949 and was not able to go to the reunion that year. He died in May before the 1950 reunion.”


June 11, 1961
Dr. George L. Echols, Milledgeville, Ga., 1960
Roger W. Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., September, 28, 1960
Ester L. Reynolds, Macon, Ga., March 13, 1961
June 10, 1962
Sidney D. Stembridge, 1962
Mrs. Mary L. Stembridge, 1962
J.H. Molton, 1962
Cecil LaRue, 1962
Della Stembridge LaRue, 1962
Sandra Lynn Ivill, 1962
June 9, 1963
George Thomas Stembridge, 1962
Alfred Daniel Akin, 1962
James Allen, Texas, 1963
Julia Stembridge Allen, Texas, 1963
June 14, 1964
Morton Howard Stembridge, Baltimore, Md., November 1964
Charles Edward Davis, Jr., Clinchfield, Ga., August 21, 1963
Louise S. Holloway, Macon, Ga., November 6, 1963
Warren C. Rackley, Warner Robins, Ga., April 30, 1964
Annie A. Stembridge (Mrs. Jim), Macon, Ga., 1964
Minnie Ellison Stembridge, Macon, Ga., 1964
June 20, 1965
Frank Collins, F1., 1964
Winnie G. Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., January 24, 1965
Felix Wilbur Grant, Centerville, Gal, April 8, 1965
Robert Daniel Handley, Macon, Gal, 1965
June 12, 1966
George Rock Thomas, Quitman, Ga., April 20, 1966
William H. Campbell, January 4, 1966
R. E. Stembridge, June 25, 1965
June 11, 1967
Emmie Wilder Stembridge, Roberta, Ga., February, 1967
June 8, 1968
L.S. Freeman, Macon, Ga., October 6, 1967
Marvin Lavender, 1967
J.M. Morris, 1967
Mack H. Gilliam, Lake Wales, F1., March 2, 1968
W.H. Stembridge, Jacksonville, F1., May 2, 1968
June 8, 1969
Henry N. Stembridge, Plant City, F1., July 1968
Grady Waites, Macon, Ga., July 1968
Marie Stembridge Echols, Milledgeville, Ga., August 1968
Vernie A. Stembridge, E1 Paso, Tx., August 22, 1968
Nonie Deese Stembridge, Perry, Ga., December 5, 1968
Bertie B. Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., December 26, 1968
Randolph W. Gober, Macon, Ga., May 31, 1969
~Çhbridge Echols, Milledgeville, Gal, August 1968

June 14, 1970
Alma Stembridge Hopkins, Milledgeville, Ga., 1969
Vallie Mae S. Black, Lake Wales, F1., September 5, 1969
Agnes S. Oxford, December 24. 1969
Thomas Watson Robinson, December 14, 1969
Mae Stembridge Poole, Fort Valley, Ga., February 3, 1970
V. Otis Devereux, Macon, Ga., February 8, 1970
Cora Watson Stembridge, Centerville, Ga., April 3, 1970
June 13, 1971
Robert E. Spearman, Macon, Ga., June 28, 1971
June 11, 1972
Grace Stembridge Whitley, Macon, Ga., October, 1970
Georgia M. Stembridge, August 28, 1971
J.R. Kersey, October 1971
Gertrude Stembridge Hughes, Milledgeville, Ga., January 16, 1972
Mrs. D.M. Handley, Macon, Ga., March 20, 1972
Ethel Stembridge Barron, Milledgeville, Ga., May 18, 1972
June 10, 1973
T.J. Long, June 25, 1972
Melvin Leslie Handley, Sr., Macon, Ga., July 7, 1972
Miss Thelma Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., July 9, 1972
Harvey Stembridge, Lake Wales, F1., July 25, 1972
William Murphy Akin, Clinchfield, Ga., November 9, 1972
George M. Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., February 6, 1973
Fred Allen, Roberta, Ga., May 1, 1973
Miss Agnes C. Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., May 4, 1973
J. George Stembridge, Miami, F1., 1972
Ila Stembridge Corley, Missouri, May 12, 1973
June 9, 1974
A.B. Miller, Macon, Ga., November 1973
Worth Black, Lake Wales, F1., July 1973
William W. Barron, III, Milledgeville, Ga., 1973
Edward Barnes, Kansas, 1973
June 8, 1975
Maggie Stembridge Gilliam, Lake Wales, F1., September 22, 1974
Grant Moore, Sebring, F1., December 15, 1974
Jack C. Stembridge, Macon, Ga., December 25, 1974
Annie Maude S. Mosley, Lizella, Ga., March 16, 1975
Marvin Stembridge, Texas, March 18, 1975
Charlie Stembridge, Chase City, Va., 1975
Thomas Stembridge, Chase City, Va., 1975


June 13, 1976 (none)

June 12, 1977
Lena Etheridge Stembridge, Macon, Ga., June 16, 1976
Lillie Mae Miller Campbell, Macon, Ga., November 3, 1976
Mayme Stembridge Anderson Collins, Lake Wales, F1., December 13, 1976
D. Eldred Youmans, Lake Wales, F1., February 3, 1977
Pearl Wilder Stembridge, Roberta, Ga., December 1976
Woodrow Brown, Manchester, Ga., 1977
Carlon Stucky, Columbus, Ga., 1977

Lynda Grant, Lake Wales, F1., May 1977
June 11, 1978
A.H. Jackson, Perrine, F1., August 21, 1977
Mattie Stevens Miller (Mrs. A.B.), Macon, Ga., November 5, 1977
Comella Etheridge Stembridge (Mrs. R.F.), Lake Wales, F1., Jan. 8, 1978
Willard Deese (Billy) Stembridge, Sr., Perry, Ga., March 6, 1978
Mackey Dunlap, North Carolina, March 25, 1978
Estelle Stembridge Atkinson, Forest City, N.C., July 7, 1977
Fannie Stembridge Davis, Ellijay, Ga., February 7, 1977
June 10, 1979
Evelyn Stembridge Thomas, Quitman, Ga., July 20, 1978
Cleone Hammock Stembridge, Macon, Ga., January 26, 1979
Donald Jackson, Perrine, F1., February 2, 1979
Mildred S. Stembridge, Cordele, Ga., May 19, 1979
Miss Annie Stembridge, Ellijay, Ga., February 1979
Cora Stembridge Owens, DeLeon, Tx., October 25, 1974
June 8, 1980
Hattie Mae Sims, Birmingham, A1., March 6, 1979
Dr. Hansel H. Stembridge, Jr., Columbia, S.C., August 1979
Rexie Stembridge, Marion, Ky., August 1979
Rosa Miller Akin, Clinchfield, Ga., March 19, 1980
Jacob Whilden Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., April 7, 1980
J. Donald Cross, Sparta, Ga., April 30, 1980
Randy Tharpe, Chase City, Va., July 1979
June 14, 1981
Edward Joseph Carver, Hanes City, F1., December 1975
Jennifer Lynn Brown, Perry, Ga., June 10, 1980
Tommie Holloway, Gray, Ga., August 15, 1980
Mack H. (Buddy) Gilliam, Lake Wales, F1., September 17, 1980
John A. Stembridge, Cordele, Ga., September 28, 1980
Willie Blanche Stembridge Grant, Lake Wales, F1., November 6, 1980
Mackie Dunlap, Hamlet, N.C., December 1980
Mattie Smith Stembridge, Dothan, A1., 1980
Etta Davis Stembridge, Ellijay, Ga., 1980
Robert C. Stembridge, Ellijay, Ga., 1980
Carl Dunlap, Hamlet, N.C., February 1981
Gussie Thomas Watson, Macon, Ga., March 9, 1981
Ryan Cummings, Macon, GA., March 16, 1981
Fred Grant, Lake Wales, F1., April 22, 1981
June 23, 1982
Della Stembridge Etheridge, Lake Wales, F1., August 30, 1981
Virginia Bostick Stembridge, Birmingham, A1., December 24, 1981
James N. Stembridge, Dothan, A1., September 21, 1981
Frances Handley Lynch, Macon, Ga., March 8, 1981
Robert Daniel Handley, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., 1982
Shawn Holland, Manchester, Tn., April 27, 1982
Billy W. Stembridge, Manchester, Tn., April 27, 1982
June 12, 1983
Mamie Stembridge Hughes, Dothan, A1, June 24, 1982
Houston Stembridge, Woodbury, Tn., March 20, 1981
James Cecil Spradley, Jr., Tifton, Ga., December 9, 1981
Anna Stembridge Shepherd, Marion, Ky., December 10, 1982
June 10, 1984
Mrs. Robert E. Spearman, Macon, Gal, August 27, 1983
Loran Cotton Chafin, Macon, Gal, September 1, 1983
Johnnie Wilson Stembridge, Miami, F1., October 4, 1983
Vernon Stembridge, Minneapolis, Mn., October 16, 1983
Walter C. Park, Milledgeville, Gal, October 30, 1983
Josephine H. Lee, Perry, Gal, November 24, 1983
George Morton Stembridge, Jr., Milledgeville, Gal, March 12, 1984
Mrs. Dorothy Hopkins McClure, Atlanta, Gal, March 29, 1984
Grover C. “Dud” Poole, Fort Valley, Gal, March 30, 1984
Walter C. Stembridge, Roberta, Gal, March 20, 1984
Dennis Sten,bridge, St. Augustine, F1., May 19, 1984
Rev. W.W. Campbell, Hampton, Gal, June 3, 1984
June 9, 1985
Charlie Anderson, Lake Wales, F1., November 8, 1984
Raymond Eugene Johnson, New Orleans, La., March 21, 1985
Cindy Ann Haman Pickings, California, May 1985
Xavier Samantha Woods Stembridge, Atlanta, Gal, May 7, 1985
June 8, 1986
Cecil lloyd Stembridge, Brunswick, Gal, June 18, 1985
Fern LaRue Kemper, Louisville, Ky., July 2, 1985
Royce Walker, Tifton, Gal, August 1985
Sarah H. Campbell, Bonaire, Gal, September 11, 1985
Edward Ellis Stembridge, E1 Paso, Tx., May 18, 1985
James Brooks Whitley, Macon, Gal, March 4, 1986
Thelma Dobson Stembridge, Macon, Gal, November 25, 1985
Ralph D. Turner, Lakeland, F1., March 22, 1986
Travis Wayne Stembridge, Miami, F1., April 3, 1986
Reuben Eugene Stembridge, Macon, Gal, April 22, 1986
Jeannette C. Greene, Macon, Gal, May 3, 1986
June 14 1987
Dr. Charles H. Stembridge, Lacrescenta, Cal, October 13, 1985
James J. Greene, Macon, Gal, July 8, 1986
Emma S. Skinner, Cochran, Gal, July 19, 1986
Robert Edwin Walker, Roberta, Gal, July 24, 1986
Maggie Whelan, Milledgeville, Gal, January 26, 1986
Cora Mae V. Stembridge, Tifton, Gal, October 15, 1986
Burrie W. Stembridge, Tifton, GA., August 17, 1986
Bobby Jolly, Sylvester, Gal, May 6, 1987
Timothy Lynn Haman, Texas, October 25, 1986
Earnest Howard Gaines, St. Augustine, F1., May 4, 1986
June 12, 1988
Milton Stembridge, Lake Wales, F1., August 7, 1987
Harry Eugene Campbell, Macon, Gal, October 2, 1987
Ernie J. Korthauer, Jacksonville, F1., February 11, 1988
Arthur Haman, Ty Ty, Gal, August 23, 1987
Verna Stembridge Haman, Ty Ty, Gal, June 2, 1988
June 11, 1989
Sallie Mae Scarborough Reynolds, Macon, Gal, July 12, 1988
Reed Jackson, Miami, F1., October 1988
Eva Stembridge Youmans, Orlando, F1., February 1, 1989
Carlton Jones, Cochran, Gal, February, 12, 1989

June 10, 1990
T.D. (Trellis) Stockman, Plant City, F1., February, 1990
Joel Eugene Stembridge, Ellijay, Ga., April 3, 1990
Sidney David Stembridge, Jr., Milledgeville, Gal, May, 1990
June 9, 1991
E.W. Anderson, Lake Wales, F1., July 8, 1990
Bertha Lee Stembridge Waites, Columbus, Ga., November 24, 1990
James Ross Stembridge, Birmingham, A1., December 24, 1990
Donald Webb, Orlando, F1., January 23, 1991
Myrtle Stembridge Jackson, Miami, F1., January 24, 1991
Kathryn Martin Grant, Lakeland, F1., February 28, 1991
Benjamin Linton Stembridge, Washington, D.C., March 27, 1991
Vera Escew Stembridge, Marion, Ky., January 6, 1989
June 14, 1992
Lynette Ragan Stembridge, Valdosta, Ga., July 21, 1991
Alfred T. Akin, Warner Robins, Ga., December 20, 1991
John Allen Stembridge, Macon, Ga., January 11, 1992
John Welch Dykes, Cochran, Ga., January 22, 1992
John Wesley Stembridge, Jr., Tifton, Ga., March 7, 1992
Sara Mae Stembridge Devereux, Macon, Ga., April 6, 1992
Rita Floyce Stembridge, Webberville, Mi., March 7, 1992
Verda Belle Herron, Crittenden County, Ky., April 18, 1992
June 13, 1993
Wyatt Avery Lee, Perry, Ga., Macon, Ga., March 1, 1993
Robert Etheridge, Lake Wales, F1., April 9, 1993
June 12, 1994
Wesley I. Stembridge, Savannah, Ga., May 30, 1982
Basil M. Alagood, Jr., Savannah, ga., February 21, 1989
Lois Marchant Stembridge, Savannah, Ga., May 30, 1990
Alden Burrie Stembridge, Tifton, Ga., April 12, 1992
Wayne Alvin Haman, Tifton, Ga., July 9, 1992
James Patrick Stembridge, Tifton, Ga., December 23, 1992
John Lewis Stembridge, Savannah, Ga., September 1993
Ruty Arlene Stembridge Phelps, Albany, Ga., September 20, 1993
Minnie Lee Dykes Handley, Macon, Ga., November 23, 1993
Blanche Stembridge Davis, Cochran, Ga., December 10, 1993
James W. “Jim” Stembridge, Lithonia, Ga., August 28, 1993
Ludie Smith Grant, Roswell, Ga., January 20, 1994
Chester Albert “Bert” Struty, Macon, Ga., February 10, 1994
Hazel Irene Hassell Stembridge, Texas, February 9, 1994
James Eugene Hammock, Mount Pleasant, S.C., February 21, 1994
June 11, 1995
Louise C. Watson, Macon, Ga., February 24, 1994
Morris Farrer Stembridge, Americus, Ga., August 21, 1994
Doris Akin Kersey, Perry, Ga., January 28, 1995
Vera Stembridge Alagood, Monticello, F1., February 7, 1995
Margie Stembridge Brown, Manchester, Ga., February 28, 1995
Mildred Cox Stembridge, Milledgeville, Ga., May 4, 1995

The Constitution And By-Laws Of The Stembridge Family Reunion

(as amended thru June 1995)




The name of this organization shall be the Stembridge Family Reunion.




The purpose of this organization is to promote better relations and closer ties among relatives, as well as to seek to find the lost or unknown heirs.




Any person related by blood or marriage to the Stembridges is eligible to become a member.




SECTION 1: The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.


SECTION 2: Officers for election shall be nominated by a committee appointed by the President. However, nominations may be made from the floor.


SECTION 3: Elections shall be held every two years at the reunion. Officers will assume their duties at the end of each election.


SECTION 4: A vacancy of the presidency shall be filled by the Vice-President until next election. All other vacancies shall be filled by presidential appointments.


SECTION 5: The Executive committee shall consist of all the present officers and all former Presidents. The purpose of this committee is to decide on any matters of major importance which may need immediate attention.




The reunion will be held each year on the second Sunday in June. A planning committee appointed by the President shall meet at least 30 days before the reunion to plan a program for the reunion and send out cards. The nominating committee shall meet at the reunion every second year.




SECTION  1: All bills must be presented and paid at the



ARTICLE 2: All funds and material must be turned over to the

new Secretary and/or Treasurer when presiding officer’s term expires.

P.O. BOX 604, PERRY, GEORGIA 31069
PH: (912) 987-4300; FX: 328-0286/66


We spent many hours compiling this 50th. Anniversary Memorial Book. But as hard as we tried to insure its accuracy, we know that there will be some errors or omissions. Should you find an error or a blank please forgive us and go one step further, make a copy of the page or pages with the error or omission, correct the error and fill in the omission regardless of how minute they may seem now. Or you can use the remainder of this page. If you have access to information that should have been in this book, please send it to us so that we can make it available to those following us. Don’t just do this for us today, do it for our future generations and we’re sure they will thank us too! When completed mail to above address! BE SURE TO TYPE, PRINT OR WRITE CLEARLY! We are very sincere when we ask for your help in proofing this book. We DO want to know.

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