the Stembridge Farm, Baldwin Co. Georgia

This past weekend, my older brother Ed and I drove over to the ol’ property with my Dad. He didn’t remember going out there, which made it all the more reason to go!

IMG_4285He used his camera to take a few photos;

And, a little information from Roger W, Stembridge, a cousin, who joint owns the property with his sister.

I dug up a few pictures taken back in 1999

From:Roger W. Stembridge, Jr.

The property is about 300 acres or so. We let it grow up in timber since Daddy and Mother decided not to live there. At the present time, the property is jointly owned by me, Roger W. Stembridge, Jr. and my sister, Mildred K. Stembridge Norris. We are right in the middle of the Fall Line Freeway controversy with the crowd that wants to take the end of the property for the Fall Line Freeway. The old family house was built in the 1800’s with slave labor by my Grandfather, John Wesley Stembridge. The timbers that were used in the foundation were brought out of the woods by mule and honed down level to sit on the brick pillars. This was very evident the night the house burned. John W. Stembridge, and his wife, Mary Leverett Stembridge live there until John died in the early 1900’s. There were 10 children and 2 Foster children raised by John and Mary. After John’s Death, Mary lived with her son, Roger W. Stembridge Sr., until she died in 1958. John almost lost the property to the bo-weivel early in the 1920’s when the weevil ate up the cotton crops. My father, Roger Stembridge Sr. bought the property from his mother after he came home from World War I. It has been in the family since. The old house burned Easter weekend of 1990. It was deliberately set, and was so old that it went rather quickly. I found out about it when I got a call from who I believe was the arsonist telling me “your old house is old house is on fire.” To this date, this is an open case. The old slave quarters are gone now, but there are some old uncapped wells behind the house where the old quarters were. The old smokehouse you took a photo of is all that is left standing. I do hunt the property. The gas right of way that runs down the end of it goes all the way to the Oconee River, but the property does not. My sister and I plan to keep the property in our families forever.

From: David Stembridge February 2, 1999

I first visited the site for the Stembridge Farm last summer. My Dad brought me over with my wife and kids. The old farmhouse burned down within the last 10 years. I’m not sure how much land is actually still owned by Stembridges’; but I do know that Roger Stembridge owns the land where the Farm once stood. Clara I’Della Stembridge, my Great-Grandmother is buried on the property. She has a stained-glass window dedicated to her at the Milledgeville United Methodist Church.

This is the remnants of the old Stembridge Home

The old smokehouse still stands behind the burned-out house.

This is a shot looking out behind the burned-out Stembridge House. There is a road that leads back out into the land. Looks like you’ll need a 4 x 4 vehicle though. There are a number of deer stands visable.

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6 Responses to the Stembridge Farm, Baldwin Co. Georgia

  1. Howard N. Williams, Jr. says:

    I remember: the blama-lama at the home at the hospital; me calling Dad a party pooper when Walton and Taffy were visiting our house in Decatur; my brother and I riding the Greyhound bus to Milledgeville, hunting on the farm where Walt fell in a creek, and having Thanksgiving dinner at Steve’s house in Sandersville; having a crush on Taffy (poor Walt thought I rode my motorcycle down there to see him); Mildred’s sweet smile and gentle way. These are just some pre-Vietnam memories. Walton or Taffy call me at 770-972-0218. Howard.

  2. Hi Howard, what is your relationship to the Stembridges in Milledgeville?

  3. Gladys Leverett Akins says:

    Francis m Leverett, buried in the Black Springs Church Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia. Do you have proof of parents? George W. Leveritt and Deliliah Cook, is reported in the 1860 census. I understand your family had the marker placed in the old Leverett cemetery, for Joshua Cook. Do you have any evidence of others interred in same?
    Would love any help you can offer.

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  5. Thomas Stembridge says:

    I am Thomas Fowler Stembridge, son of William Hall (Dub) Stembridge , grandson of William Walter Stembridge who lived on the property of the Milledgeville State Hospital as caretaker of the grounds of the hospital property. I was the youngest child of William Hall and Georgia Miller Stembridge . I am anxious to learn more about my Stembridge lineage. Please contact me with more information or where I may find resources about our family. Thank you…

  6. Hi Thomas,
    I would recommend looking through this site, feel free to ask any more questions!
    I was not familiar with your Grandfather being the caretaker at the state hospital. My Dad lives just around the corner at the war vet home. Where do you live now?
    Thanks! David Stembridge

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