Merry Christmas from Waynesboro!

from our humble abode in the deep south, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. I’m sure everyone has great memories of relatives living in far away lands, and the looong drives there. As a child growing up in Athens, we used to make the drive to Hapeville to visit my Mom’s parents, and later my Dad’s Mom, Bonnie Stembridge. So many distant, yet very warm memories. I recently have been working on some old film footage that my brother Ed loaned me. It brings back so many memories. Here’s a clip of my Dad Roger E. stembridge pulling myself, and brothers Ed and James around on his old Sears Craftsman tractor (which still runs!) It even has an old rototiller attachment that my brother Mike recently took back to Atlanta, and sandblasted and painted it, and got it running again! My dad was pretty amazed, it hadn’t run for years. My brother Mike has a gift with mechanical things!

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  1. Mark Wells says:

    Hi there, I noticed there wasn’t anything recent on here but thought you’d like to know I’m doing one-named research on Stembridge’s in and around Crewkerne and Bridport as my partner is a descendant of Bridport Stembridge’s. My Sue is the great granddaughter of John Stembridge, son of Eli Stembridge boen 1844, down a maternal line eg my Sue’s grandmother Evelyn Bessie Mary Stembridge was John’s daughter born c1903 one of twins. She ended up marrying Willim John Smith, and had my Sue’s mother in Portsmouth in 1929 as Bill Smith was in the navy. If anyone needs anything from the Bridport/Crewkerne areas please let me know. Best wishes, Mark

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the note and the offer. There really has been a place in research with a gap, that perhaps you could help fill in! I will see if I can get together a little information that I can forward to you. Please do look through this site under the geneology category, as I have tried to put what I’ve found and been forwarded!
    Thanks again! David Stembridge

  3. Leah Ducato Rudolph says:

    I am also researching the same line as Mark! I THINK I’ve got them back to Peter born c1550. My husband is definitely descended from Julia, daughter of Henry and Mary Miller Stembridge of Crewkerne….

    I’d be happy to share information with any of you!

    Please Email me directly

    Leah Ducato Rudolph / Pennsylvania / USA

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