This evening, we had a couple of visitors walk down our street, to our home. They had visited once before. These young men were “elders” from the Church of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as Mormons. We had a nice visit, and they asked a little about our summer, and we were able to share the story of what had brought us to Waynesboro, and how God had called us into a different direction…

After about 30 minutes, we purposely didn’t say much, Lorretta and I, thinking they might ask us if we had questions about Mormonism or something like that… we did ask them about a few things that we had read about, mainly the doctrine of baptism of the dead, second chances to repent after death, very strange things about the spirit world, the brotherhood of satan and Jesus, and the humanity of God the Father. Very interesting as we watched them go through and pull a verse out here and there, and use that as complete proof or the practice.

We like asking questions, because it puts the burden of proof on the other person. Some of these practices are very well documented, and well… they simply lack tangible proof.

Now, I know that there purpose for being in our fair city is to convert people to their religion, that they believe true. I do believe that there is but one truth, and that truth isn’t relative. I do hope to talk to them again, and would probably ask them if they could name at least 3 objective reasons or evidences for why they believe their faith is true. I don’t want to misrepresent their faith; but realize that not all Mormons believe or know the teaching of their religion’s established teachings. Perhaps our discussion sparked deeper discussions with the 2 young men, as they walked back to their little home away from home.

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  1. Denise Stembridge says:

    Hi, I just happened across your blog and was quite intrigued, especially about you meeting the Mormon missionaries. I am Mormon and have a son on a mission in Brazil. I have to wonder if we are related. My husbands family is from Peoa, Utah and the Stembridge line does come from England. I’m sure there has been alot of genealogy done on that side. Let me know if you’re interested and maybe we could figure out where our lines might meet.
    Denise Garner Stembridge (husband, Gregg)

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