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a collection from their PAST…

Stembridge Gun rentals of Hollywood, California, was formed in about 1920 by James Stembridge and Cecil B. DeMille to supply guns to the movie industry.
The company is still in existence and is currently being run by Syd Stembridge whose father was the nephew of the founder. (Contact information BELOW)

Make A Wish A few months back a friend of mine, Scott Hodges, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Scott, a gun collector and enthusiast, had read with enthusiasm an article in GUNS Magazine, about Stembridge Gun Rental (Oct. ’98). He was hopeful that he could regain his health and make the trek to Southern California to tour the facility.I subsequently contacted Harry Lu at Stembridge. What happened next was truly amazing. Just two weeks before his death, Scott had the thrill of his life. With assistance from Hospice of the Valley, Harry Lu, along with his wife and three children, loaded an RV with his collection and drove to Phoenix..On a lovely Saturday afternoon, Scott and several of his fellow volunteers from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department,
were treated to a rare showing of weapons that have graced the silver screen. The day Scott spent with Harry Lu brought his family many happy memories they will always cherish.Chrystie HeimertPhoenix, Ariz.

A good resource for learning about how some of the Hollywood Blanks made by Stembridge Gun Rentals were used!

10007 .30-06 BY CHRIS PUNNETT – Superb reference for anyone interested in any type of cartridges. 384 pages, hardbound loaded with illustrations of cartridges, and boxes from makers all over the world. Great information including much historical data on the companies that made the cartridges. as well as details on the unbelievable number of variations that exist in this popular collecting specialty. Extensive coverage of U.S. military variations alone is worth the very modest price of this great book.
Title page autographed by the author.

If you would like information on a Stembridge Gun Rental Gun… or anything related to Stembridge Gun Rentals,Please write or call Sydney at the following:

also, here’s a neat article written by Bill Schumm about Stembridge Gun Rentals, and it’s history.

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6 Responses to Stembridge Gun Rentals

  1. Gen Boyer says:

    Aloha, the Hawaii Opera Theatre needs a blank firing flintlock pistol for an upcoming production. Do you have anything like that to sell or rent? If not, do you know where else I might inquire? Thank you, Gen Boyer

  2. Greetings Gen Boyer!

    you’ll need to contact Syd Stembridge, who owns Stembridge Gun Rentals! Please use the contact info above. I will email you additional contact info if that doesn’t work!

    Thanks, David

  3. Mark Bissonnette says:

    I am looking for two british Bull-dog revolvers for a prodution of Sherlack Holmes The Final adventure. They would not need to fire but they are “loaded” and unloaded on stage. Do you have anything that coudl work?

  4. Mark, you’ll need to contact Syd Stembridge, who owns Stembridge Gun Rentals! Please use the contact info above.

    Thanks, David

  5. kent says:

    i have an old colt s.a. with the stembridge ”S” stamped on it and wondered if you have any records of the movies it may have been in?i will provide you the serial # if you do.
    thank you,kent

  6. Kent, you’ll need to contact Syd Stembridge, who owns Stembridge Gun Rentals! Please use the contact information above.

    Thanks, David

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