Clara Idella Stembridge 1874-1904

Photo of stained glass window at First United Methodist Church of Milledgeville, Ga.
photo coutesty my Dad, Roger E. Stembridge!

Home Again

Date: Sep 23, 2003

from: Dr. Roger Stembridge

“… Moore’s Funeral Home finally got Grandmother Clara Idella
Stembridge moved from the farm location to Memory Hill in
Milledgeville. Also little G. M. was moved although they said they could find nothing in his grave. Only part of a skull and part of a leg bone was all they found of Grandmother. Both were placed into a child’s vault and buried at the foot of Grandfather. Asbury Stembridge has slabs prepared to place over two plots. Grandmother at the foot of Grandfather and G. M at the foot of Grandmother Sarah. After Asbury has the slabs in place, we will plan a dedication service.”

Memory Hill Cemetary in 1897

Memory Hill Cemetary in 2001

Photos from Memory Hill Cemetary, Milledegeville, Georgia

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001

from: Dr. Roger Stembridge

“As everyone knows, our grandmother Clara was discovered to be buried in the J. E. Stembridge Cemetery off Ebony Lounge Road off Hwy 24 off Hwy 22 in Baldwin County. I have had two people to tell me they have been to the cemetery. One had promised to take me there but we could never seem to get together. The second one was there a few days ago and wrote very explicit directions how to fine the cemetery.

This morning, I decided to try to find it. Following Glen’s
directions I walked right to it. I was awesome to see her grave and the grave of Little G. M. Stembridge (about a year and a half old).

Both graves are in poor condition with Little G. M.’s headstone broken and laying down. The slabs (I think concrete) over the graves are intact but have sheaved off and look terrible. Both are covered with rotted leaves and growth. There is a flower pot on Clara’s grave that Glen says was put there sometime during the past 15 years (the best he can remember when he last saw the grave before this time).”

Ebony Lounge Road is now subdivided and there are doublewide homes up and down the road, but the cemetery is a good ways from the Ebony Lounge Road behind the south side of the road. It looks like some surveying has taken place in recent months and some clearing done not too far from the cemetery.

If any of you are down at any time, I will be glad to take you out to see the site. Other than that, I will at some time make some effort to clean up the site and the headstones so that the inscriptions can be read. I could read most of the letters but I think a good cleaning will improve readability. One of the attached pictures is a close-up of Clara’s headstone. The other is an overall picture of her grave.

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  1. Norma Hughey says:

    Hi I have a deed for my Great Grandfather Hugh Bailey, which was sold to him by J.E. Stembridge. It was 3 Arces more or less.

  2. Hi Norma, thanks for letting me know, is there any chance of scanning it and emailing a copy to me at Would love to see it, I know my Dad would get a kick out of that as well!

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