Stembridge Orgins?

For years, our family has sought to try and uncover the origins of the Stembridge Surname; but generally falls against a brick wall when crossing the ocean. While this is not uncommon; it is not an indication of defeat! With the tools available to us now, and the help of the internet, we hope to unravel the mystery for once, and for all!If you have little tidbits of information that might be helpful,Please send it to us!
I have started by listing the 2 places that currently carry the Stembridge name. These are just locations.

GLAMORGANSHIRE County, southwest England


STEMBRIDGE is a very small parish about three miles from Cowbridge. Acreage, 37. There are no places of worship.
Population in 1871, 7.

In Stembridge Parish
John Philip, Stembridge

from Maura Bennett who currently lives in Cowbridge, just a few miles from the farm:
“At the farm in 1881 was a Philip John aged 64, farmer of 140 acres, his wife Catherine and farm servants with Welsh surnames.”

Stembridge in the Parish of Llysworney
Transcript of name listing for Cowbridge, and neighbouring parishes from Commercial and Trade Directories, for the years:-

(Slaters Directory)


The Population of Stembridge was as follows, and a more detailed breakdown is below.

1841 – 7
1851 – 8
1861 – 10
1871 – 7
1881 – 7
1891 – 6


Population Statistics for Stembridge

Area, Houses and Population

Census Year Area in Statute Acres Houses Population



SOMERSET County, southern WALES

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2 Responses to Stembridge Orgins?

  1. PHIL JONES says:

    Stembridge parish was an individual parish comprizing 1/2 a house and a field. In it’s latter days ,it was reputedly the smallest parish in Britain until local authority re organization merged it with Llysworney for rating purposes.
    It was a parish because it was endowed with a living for a priest,hence the connection between the two words.
    It is believed that the priest would have been attached to Colwinston Church which was one of the earliest Norman churches in the area,built 1111. However a stone cross in the church has been dated 9th Century

  2. Thanks for the note on this Phil, do you live near this area? How did you learn about this? Thanks again!!!

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