Stembridge Mill

a collection of photographs

the above photographs of Stembridge Mill were taken in July 2004 by Ms. Margaret Mounce, who is the Assistant to Property Manager at the Montacute House in South Somerset which is owned by the National Trust (which owns the Stembridge Mill as well!)

Photo from The Donald W. Muggeridge Collection of Mill Photographs Date of Photograph: 23/07/38

Stembridge Mill – the last remaining thatched windmill in England.

Dating from 1822 and in use until 1910, the mill is prominently situated overlooking the Somerset Levels.

Photo (left) Credit: National Trust Photographic Library/Andy Williams

Photo Right from here:

High Ham(TA10 9DJ),Somerset
Tel:01458 250818

This is Stembridge Mill at High Ham, Somerset, England. (Since I took this photograph, the sails have been painted black.)

Photo by Jeremy Palmer

Photo by Tony Howell

photo by Mark Berry

Postcard and drawing from Windmill World

This is just a collection of images found throughout the internet; I have tried to credit each image properly; please contact me if I need to update, or remove any photograph.

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  1. martha Stembridge Robbins says:

    Wow, this is SO interesting. Wish I could come see. Do you all know the Stembridge’s that came over on the ships from the UK to the USA? That were fire well ships or something like that. I heard they would dock in the US and some of them stayed in the US. Thanks Martha Stembridge Robbins

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