Stembridge Letters

– notes I’ve received from Stembridges all around the world…

From: Margaret Mounce
from Southern Wales
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004
David hi,

I took the pics, a couple of months ago, it’s a really pretty place.
Stembridge is a village in Somerset aboout 25 miles inland from the sea (ocean) honestly don’t know the history of the village but it is on what we call the’levels’. Theseup to the middle of the lastcentury (20th) would flood regularly from the seain the winter and become islands. The area is very flat with knolls (hills) dotted around

A lot are named ….something…followed by bridge, often the name of a river but I don’t think there is a river called Stem.
I don’t think the village was named after a person either.
I’ll try to find out more about the village and let you know.
Only know the airport at Atl. having friends in Tn.never been to Augusta but David
(my husband) and I play golf so see it on TV.
Take care.
Kind regards,

From: Harvey Stembridge
from the Isle of Man
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004

Hi David.

Yep, that family is mine.
The site was hosted on a freeserver which disappeared one day along with the web site!! The family consists of the following

Ben Oliver (son) born in the Isle of Man 11/01/1987 (works in a lumber yard, lives at home) Holly Selena (daughter) born in the Isle of Man 7/6/1985 (works in a bank, lives at home) Belinda Suzanne (wife) nee Craine born in Birmingham (No not Alabama!!!)26/07/1958 works in Ship management
Simon Harvey (Me)born in Birmingham (also not Alabama) 10/03/1958 works
as a bit of shark buys/sells.

My Mum is Syvia Margaret Noble and was born in the Island 5/6/1932 My Dad is no longer with us and was Stuart Harold Roger Stembridge born Edgbaston (birmingham)26/04/1906
His Father was Harold Harvey He was a Stockbroker
His Father was George Edward and he was editor of the Sheffield dailyTelegraph His father was (I have this all written down somewhere but I cant lay my hands on it)


My family originates from Bridport Dorset, which seeing as You are in Georgia I`m guessing so does yours, and that we are long distant cousins. So far as I can tell there were the three brothers who went to Virginia and there was 1 who stayed put and moved from Bridport up country to Sheffield in Yorkshire and that was my Fathers Great Grandfather.

If I remember or find where I put the info I will let you have the
missing guy who is the brother who stayed in the UK.

Hope this helps you.

All the best from the cold,wet, Isle of Man


Harvey Stembridge


Thomas Stembridge
from Plymouth, England
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004

Hi David,

My name is Thomas Stembridge, from a Stembridge family living in plymouth, england and I thought i’d send you a mail.

Yourpage is fantastic andoffers some great infoof thehistory of the name. My dad, Peter Stembridge, is from salford manchester and his father was called Evan Stembridge. My mother was born in scotland and i have two brothers called Martyn and Mark.

Mark has recently become a father and added the latest addition, William Stembridge.

I hope this bit of info is helpful to you in any way and i hope to hear from you soon,


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