Old Devereaux, Ga

Monday 2/2/99
from: David Stembridge

In East Hancock Co., there is a town that has declined in population through the years. There once were several Hotels, 3 Doctors, a Cotton Mill, and many other businesses. Devereaux still has an active church community, and lively farming community. My Father, Roger Stembridge is an active member of Devereaux United Methodist Church. I attended there in late January with my son Dylan. Even with the declining population, this is still a community of God!

Devereaux, Ga (former town square)

Old Cotton Mill

Old Abandoned business in the town center area

Gas Pump overgrown with weeds

One of the many older unique-styled abandoned homes in Devereaux

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  1. Deborah says:

    My mother’s folks were from Devereaux – the Coleman family – Judge Coleman’s house was moved to Milledgeville and restored in the 80’s I think.

  2. Thanks Deborah,
    I’d love to have a better address, or perhaps even a photograph of this, if possible,

  3. morgan hogan says:

    Well, I certainly have a better address because the Coleman house is my childhood home. My mother Revel Wylly Pogue (formerly hogan) moved the house when i was just a baby.
    Its located on Kenan drive and i must say, it is one beauty. I will be getting married on the front porch in 2 weeks and i must say..
    it wouldnt feel right getting married anywhere but there, considering all the great memories my family and i share there!

  4. Patti Martin says:

    My husband’s McDaniel family lived “near Devereaux.” We are not sure where they lived. Does anyone recognize the name. There are not many of them left.

  5. Jeanette Carswell says:

    My late mother-in-law was from Devereaux, family name was Boyer. She was the last person to be born in the Glen Mary Plantation outside of Sparta. She lived off of Hwy 22 in the home that was originally built for her Great Aunt Daisy in the 1800’s. A lot of her ancestors are buried at Zebulon Cemetary.

  6. Linda Bruggemann says:

    My grandmother’s brother, John Middleton Courson, was one of the doctors who practiced in Devereaux. I am wondering where he is buried. I need to go check out the cemeteries in Devereaux. Is there a Baptist church and cemetery there?



  8. Frances says:

    My great grandfather (Mell Duggan) had a dry goods store in Devereaux in the 1880’s and 90’s. He later went into business with a John Mills. Does anyone have any knowledge of this store?

  9. Callie Hobbs says:

    The photos of the gas pumps and old abandoned business belonged to my great grandfather T.H. Griffith My great Grandmother still lives there and stills owns the property that the old general sat on. I grew up right down the road from these photos lived there my entire life. 🙂

  10. Thats pretty cool Callie, it has been years since I took those, as my Dad moved back into Milledgeville. Small world indeed!

  11. Michael McCoy says:

    My Grandfather (Jesse Russel Hitchcock) and my great uncle (John L. Hitchcock)and their father were born and raised in Devereaux My Great Grandfather (John Larry Hitchock) was blind and Tuned pianos…..they moved to Milledgeville and built houses on My Great Grandfathers pecan orchard which is now Hitchcock Ave…..Our family cemetary is about a mile off Linton Road…..

  12. Ahmun Devereux says:

    Hello, I am an African American and would like to find out more about my lineage and connection with Devereu(a)x, Georgia. I’m mostly interested in finding out more about the history of Devereux Georgia and slave owners in the 1800’s. I have little information about my grandfather, Willie B. Devereux (currently 89 yrs old) and his growing up in this area. I also know that I have family in Baxley Georgia and there’s some connection there with Devereux named slave holders as well. It would be fascinating to find out the exact plantation or slave holder that owned my family, and the name of the slaves that started my particular Devereux blood line. I’m also interested in the Devereux name itself, first Devereux in GA, where he/she were from before GA, and so on. Any information/feedback on Devereux Sparta, Georgia would be appreciated. Like how did Devereux Rd. in Sparta get its name?

  13. Hi there Ahmun, I am not familiar with the history of Devereux, Ga, other than a former wife of my Dad used to live there. I would see if you could actually visit Sparta, and do a little research at the library there, I imagine you could get some good information. There isn’t much showing up on the inter-webs.

  14. Pat says:

    Hi, this is in response to Ahmum.
    Samuel McDowell Devereux and his wife Anne Loyd Devereux were large planters in the area of Devereux, Ga. In 1850, they had 26 slaves. I am sure by 1860 this number grew substantually.
    Check the archives of the atlanta paper, they did an article about the history of the town of Devereux.
    Devereux: A suburb that never was.: A newspaper column by Colin Campbell. November 13, 1994 Publication: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution.
    Sadly, the Hancock Co Courthouse burned recently and quite a few of the papers contained within perished.
    I do have a copy of Anne’s will. After Samuel died she continied to run her farm until her death. Pls email at deneenpat@ gmail.com if you would like a copy.
    Good luck in you search.

  15. Slade says:

    I own some property on glen ford in devereaux. The property is labeled as the “Coleman tract.” Zoe brown and fort creek boarders the property and I would really like to get more of a history on the tract.. Please let me know if you have any info on it. Thanks

  16. you may want to go over and talk to someone in records with Hancock County.

  17. Ahmun Devereux says:

    Hi David and Pat,

    Sorry for the amount of time that has passed since responding. Since my last post, I’ve unearthed much information about my Devereux family. I did trace my family back a bit to Samuel M, and Ann Loyd. I also kept running into another (or relative, or same guy?) Samuel M …married to a Rachel, so I need to clarify some things on that. I plan to further my research of Sam and particular Devereux family members by using the following, and any others I come across:

    Freedman’s Bureau, Freedman’s Bank, Southern Claims Commission, and Voter Registration

    I’ve learned so much about pre 1870 census. One day I do hope to have enough information to securely visit the Sparta area with my collected info, to confirm, and to learn more of anything pertaining to Devereux family history; black, white, slaves, and freeman.

    I totally should have focused on a Genealogy career as kid/young adult..I Love this Stuff!!! lol!

  18. Ahmun Devereux says:

    Pat, Thanks for the info on the AJC (ironically my father Richard Devereux retired from AJC) article about Devereux. I actually came across the Colin Campbell article a few weeks back…really excited to have located that, of course I shared to fam on FB lol! I’ll email you soon.

    Thx Again

  19. Naomi says:

    I am a graduate student at the Universit of Georgia. My class and I are writing a nomination for Glen Mary for the National Register. There is already a nomination from 1974, but it is just for the house, not the property. We love learning about it. Does anyone know anything about the mill that was on the property? Or anything else about the Nicholls?

  20. My name is Samuel “Morris” Deverereaux. My father was Samuel McDowell Devereaux (formerly of Devereux Georgia). We are descendants of Samuel M, and Ann Loyd. I’ve got a good bit of genealogical information and my mother is still alive at 93. If there are specific questions I can help with, please email me at:

  21. Thank you very much for the information regarding your father. I added this little section because my father’s former wife was from there, and I enjoyed riding out there the few times I did. I always pictured it as a thriving little community. I guess it would be great to hear from your mother anything she could remember about the area in earlier times, and if she has any old photos you could scan and share here, that would be great! Thank you!

  22. Lenora says:

    Was there a Stembridge plantation? We’re the Stembridge doctor’s and teachers?

  23. Hi Lenora,
    Yes there was a plantation, probably not a huge “Gone with the Wind” scale plantation; but a big cotton farm. Here’s a little more about the farm: http://www.stembridge.us/1999/01/11/stembridge-finds-and-folklore/
    And yes, there were Doctors, Teachers and honestly, I can’t think of many professions that haven’t been represented by the Stembridge Family name. Also every branch of the military has been represented!

  24. Tracy says:

    My grandmother was a Nicholls. Her 2 sisters (my great aunts) and one of their daughters, were the last Nicholls to live at Glen Mary. My mother Patricia Boyer Carswell was the last person to be physically born inside the Glen Mary home. My dear mother passed away in January 2006. My great x2 grandfather inherited Glen Mary from his Sister Mary Hitchcock. Mary was the wife of Ethan Allen Hitchcock. My siblings and I own inherited land in Devereux and I visit it frequently.

  25. Pat Berry Deneen says:

    Tracy Carswell – Have I gotten this right? If your mother was Patricia Boyer, then your grandfather is Robert Woodfin Boyer and grandmother is Roberta Nicholls.
    Robert Woodfin is my 1st cousin 2 generations removed.

  26. Page Lassiter says:

    This is a link to Samuel M. Devereux’s will. He’s
    my 4th great grandfather.


  27. Pat Graham says:

    Does anyone have a ‘Harriet L ‘Hattie’ Devereux, born in 1853? She was my g-grandmother. Haven’t been able to find her parents. Some have her born in Terrell county, but I’m wondering…

  28. Tracy says:

    Yes, “Woodfin and Bird” were my grandparents. That is what they called each other.

  29. Dorothy says:

    Any info on John William Devereux who married Sarah/Sally Grigg in Hancock, GA?

  30. Dorothy says:

    John William Devereux was brother to Samuel. John married Sally Grigg, daughter of Jesse Grigg. I’m looking for info on Jesse Grigg…in that vicinity.

    Are you familiar with the name?

  31. Young Devereaux says:

    Hello. Walstein W Devereaux of Devereux, Georgia was my great grandfather and I’m doing some research on that side of the family. My email address is ydever1@gmail.com
    and I’d love to get some information to help “fill in some gaps” in our family line. Thank you!

  32. F. Hartis says:

    I lived in Devereux, Ga from 1947 until I graduated from high school in 1965. When I lived there, J.M. Moate owned the big store in Devereux. Use to go there with my Daddy. The floors were oiled every year. It had everything you could possibly want. I remember in 1966, we were still pumping gas out of the pumps that you have in your pictures. The business you mentioned was a dance hall for the black population. Use to sit on porch with parents and listen to the music. Mr Moate and family lived in a two story house in the bend before you got to RR tracks. When I get back to Hancock County, I go to Devereux. Hurts my heart to see it now. My grandparents moved from Zebulon to Devereux in 1891. My Grandfather was a Davis from the John Boyer family, originally from Linton, GA; my Grandmother’s line is from the Sasnetts, who owned a plantation near Zebulon, GA.

  33. I am the current owner of a building we were told came from Devereux and I am looking for anyone who has information on the structure or the doctor it belonged it. We were told it is Dr. Courson, date on the wall is 1828? The building was moved to Good Hope, Ga sometime in the 80’s perhaps. The gentlemen who moved it here passed away along with the history of all the structures here. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. thank you!

  34. Edwin says:

    I grew up in Devereux off of the old Carrs Station road which I believe is called Reynolds Cemetary Rd now. My Grandparents were Lucy Mae and Willie Henry (Jip) Wilson. Those pics bring back memories.

  35. Bettye Grable says:

    I was born in Devereux in 1956. During the birth, my Mother was attended to by a midwife. I recognize those pumps in the photos shared and remember going into the large wooden general store-type structure referenced by others where my Dad bought candy for us. I also remember seeing the dance hall structure and passing by it many, many times when my family visited Devereux from Florida throughout my childhood.

  36. Bettye Grable says:

    I was born in Devereux in 1956. During the birth, my Mother was attended to by a midwife. I recognize those pumps in the photos shared and remember going into the large wooden general store-type structure referenced by others where my Dad bought candy for us. I also remember seeing the dance hall structure and passing by it many, many times when my family visited Devereux from Florida throughout my childhood. I am a 62-year-old African -American woman.

  37. Edwin Wilson says:

    I went to elementary (South West)and hs with a Betty Grable…I’m 54 though.

  38. Chiriga Vinson says:

    I am African-American whose lineage can be traced to Devereux, Georgia. My Great-great parents are listed on the 1880 Census records as Manuel Devreaux (Black), and wife Antonett Devreaux (Mulatto). They had several children, one of whom Anna Devereux was my Great Grandmother. My grandmother was Myrtle Lundy Copelin who lived in Devereux up until the mid 1980s before moving to Milledgeville with my relatives. If anyone has any additional information on the African-American Devreaux family, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  39. Erin Youmans says:

    I am trying to find information on my Hitchcock amcestors from this area. He owned 1100 acres between Linton and Devereaux. I would love to know where this land was exactly and where the old family cemetery is located if anyone has any information. Thanks!

  40. Sandra Coleman Clarke says:

    I think I can help on Hitchcock place to put you in touch with someone who knows.

  41. Anissa Justice says:

    My great-great grandmother was Della Devereux; mother to my great grandfather Ivy Justice. She died in 1919. I started down this rabbit just being enamored with her name. Now it’s turned into a whole mystery because I’ve pretty much hit a wall. If anybody knows anything about these Georgia Devereuxs, please contact me!

  42. Charles Devereaux says:

    Would like to reach Ahmum Devereux have information about your grandfather

  43. Antrel Trawick says:

    Hey Anissa, I believe I have some info on your great great grandmother. If I’m right she is my great great grandfathers double first Cousin. My great greats are Butts Justice and Judy Devereux.

  44. My name is Ahmun Devereux. I made my 1st post here back in 2014.

    Anissa Justice, and Chiriga Vinson. I think I can help, and think you can help me too. I’ve collected a great deal of info connecting Devereux/Devereaux, Lundy, Boyer, Trawick, and Justice families.

    Please contact me:

    Facebook: Ahmun Devereux
    Email: akmundevereux@gmail.com

  45. Joy Williams says:

    I am African American descendant of Devereux, Devereaux was my grandma’s maiden name. Please share info. Thank you, Joy Williams

  46. Ahmun Devereux says:

    Hi Anissa, I may be able to help. My name is Ahmun Devereux. Contact me when you can.

    Email is akmundevereux@gmail.com

    Facebook: Ahmun Devereux

  47. Interested to notice the Methodist connexion. You may know of (my grandfather whom I never knew) Harry A. Stembridge, methodist minister in the North of England, d. Keswick April 23rd 1918. There is an obituary in the United Methodist of Thursday May 2, 1918.

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