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4 Responses to STEMBRIDGE STOCK On-line

  1. TERRY DEMOTS says:

    How can you help me try to validate a TV show gun prop? It is

    WINCHESTER MOD. 1892 / WCF CAL .44
    “MARE’S LEG” S/N- 627048 / MFG 1911

  2. Colin Perkins says:

    I have a 1901 .45 colt serial number 218713 that I am told was used in some westerns and would be interested in any information on either the gun or how I would go about finding more about it

  3. Ellis Stembridge Johnson says:

    I would like to find a Stembridge prop gun for sale. Any information on who to contact would be appreciated.

  4. Please scroll down on this page for Stembridge Gun Rentals contact info.

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